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Creating Graphics That Command Attention For Your Trade Show Stand

Creating buzz and generating interest in your trade show stand during any live event can prove a challenge for even the most seasoned marketing professional. With so many competitive businesses attending each function, getting the crowd to notice your exhibit over the opposition can feel quickly begin to feel overwhelming. With just a few precious seconds to garner attention and steal market share, having a trade show stand prepared with visually compelling and informative graphics is a must.

Graphic Success Is Possible With Any Trade Show Stand

While most business owners will agree that having engaging trade show stand graphics is a priority, many find themselves struggling to successfully create visual imagery that captivates the crowd in just a single glance. While effective graphic displays can prove challenging, it’s important to remember that success is possible; understanding a few critical tips to implement during the creative process can help ensure that your company commands the attention that it deserves at the next event. When creating the imagery to display at your trade show stand, consider the following for optimal return on investment:

Answer key questions: When planning your graphic design, it’s critical to first outline exactly what kind of message you’re trying to convey. Ask yourself key questions before going to print such as:
* What is your company about?
* How is your product line/service different from the competition?
* Which products/services will make the most visual impact?
* Do you have any specific company announcements that can be made with your visuals?

Answering these questions can help keep you and your team focused on what’s most important to capture with your images.

Show, don’t tell: When creating your visuals, always keep the words/content to a minimum. Live marketing events are bustling hubs that give presenters mere seconds to make an impact. In short, visitors didn’t come to your trade show stand to spend their time reading; instead, rely on pictures and images that instantly convey your story and message for major audience impact.

Don’t overwhelm your trade show stand: As with most marketing missives, less can often prove more. Cramming in a multitude of pictures can convolute your message and make your display seem unorganized. Opt instead for a few selective images that truly resonate with the crowd to stand apart from the competition.

Incorporate your brand colors: Yes, certain colors convey various feelings. Blues and greens evoke a professional standing, while reds and oranges are proven attention grabbers. However, don’t choose a color based on these factors alone; instead, when incorporating colors into your graphics, always consider how your choices complement your brand image to maximize the overall effect.

Check out the competition: Yes, really. When strategizing your own visual approach, it’s important to have a firm grasp on what your competition is up to. Whenever your business attends an event, always set aside time to check out the opposition’s trade show stands. Understanding what works and what is lacking promotional punch can play a major role in the ultimate success of your design efforts.

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