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Creating A Cohesive Marketing Message For Your Trade Show Displays

Every business owner who participates in industry marketing events recognizes that success often hinges on one specific factor: marketing message. Without an innovative, eye-catching, compelling marketing message to convey at the function, a company runs the risk of blending in with the competitive crowd and being completely overlooked by the attending audience members. In order to command attention and dominate the showroom floor, entrepreneurs must not only have visually appealing trade show displays, but they must strategically incorporate an innovative marketing message that grabs the crowd’s eye and conveys exactly what their organization is about, all in a single glance.

Features And Benefits: A Common Marketing Misstep On Trade Show Displays

All too often, business owners who firmly believe that they have a tight promotional image find themselves falling behind the competition at live exhibits and events. A common reason for their struggle? They fail to incorporate the two most critical components of their marketing message together as part of their trade show displays: features AND benefits. While many successfully convey one of these factors as part of their trade show displays and exhibits, business owners in every industry often fail to fully leverage the second in order to achieve their most solid promotional presence possible.

Putting Together A Cohesive List Of Features And Benefits For Your Services And Products

Not sure if your promotional image successfully utilizes both features and benefits as part of your trade show displays? It’s time to take a few moments with your team to consider each of these factors and how they specifically relate to your product and services. First, start with the features list. This list is based on unwavering facts about your merchandise. It’s a tangible, inarguable account of what your products and services offer. Going through every feature your wares offer is the first step in identifying what your products have…that your competition doesn’t.

Benefits, on the other hand, are less about cold, hard facts and rely more on softer, less tangible components. This list can be harder to create and even more difficult to convey at your trade show displays. To successfully put together a tally of benefits, you must put yourself in the shoes of your targeted audience. How do your service and product lines enhance the lives of your consumers? Brainstorming a complete tally of the many ways that you can support and/or better those that purchase what your company has to offer can help you outline a thorough account of your benefits.

Once you have systematically and strategically gone through the features/benefits outline, it’s time to ensure that everything relevant makes it way onto your trade show displays. Work closely with your design partner to outline everything important that must somehow find its way onto your exhibit. A quality provider will be able to quickly put together a solution that incorporates everything you’ll need to convey your new, comprehensive marketing missive to the masses for optimal return on investment.

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