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Create A Lasting Impression With Experiential Trade Show Displays

It has long been the consensus that the hard sell is the only option when it comes to engaging attendees who visit a trade show booth. Companies have been utilizing extensive product pitches and demonstrations for years, with the idea that this is the best way to make a lasting impression on potential customers. However, current marketing trends are beginning to suggest otherwise. Many companies are now focusing on creating a memorable experience through their trade show exhibits rather than inundating attendees with lengthy sales pitches and an overabundance of information. This concept of experiential exhibiting is taking the industry by storm and is definitely worth considering when the time comes to prepare for your next marketing event.

What Is An Experiential Trade Show Exhibit?

Consider a day in the life of an average trade show attendee. After an entire day spent on their feet, walking from booth to booth and listening to an endless stream of sales pitches, there is bound to be an innate longing to be entertained – or at least to experience something out of the ordinary! The idea behind experiential trade show displays is to create an engaging space that conveys a desired feeling or mood. The result is an experience so memorable that the attendee actually associates that feeling with your product, thus eliminating the need for the hard sell.

Identify The Main Feeling You Want To Convey

The first step to developing an experiential booth is to pinpoint the primary feeling you wish to convey to potential customers and carry it through your entire display. The feelings you hope to invoke should be in line with your company’s brand message. Examples might include comfort, security, innovation and excitement. No matter what you choose, it is important to incorporate that particular quality into all aspects of your exhibit, from the colors you choose to the actions of your booth staff. If you want attendees to leave with a rush of excitement, you better make sure your employees can deliver in this department! Spend some time prepping your booth staff before the event to ensure they are prepared to become part of the experience.

Create An Interactive Experience Attendees Won’t Forget

Even though you’re focusing on creating an experience, you still want to ensure that attendees receive at least a minimal amount of solid information about your company. Experiential trade show exhibits often include an interactive element through which you can sneak in tidbits about your company. This might be done through any sort of technology with an edutainment feature; for example, a computer game that incorporates facts about your company. Of course, your employees must be well-informed and able to sell your product in a manner consistent with the overall feeling or experience you wish to communicate. The key is for the experience to resonate with the attendee to the point that when they think of the type of product or service you sell, your brand is the first thing that comes to their mind!

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