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Coupons: Promoting Products and Saving Money

Coupons: Promoting Products and Saving Money

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During this time of economic recession, more people are doing more to save buck. Although scrimping and saving money has never been fun, it is sometimes necessary to ensure the financial security of you and your family. And one of the most popular ways to save money is through the use of coupons. Coupons are usually tickets or other documents that provide discounts on certain products, but coupons can also offer other money-saving deals, including free products with purchase, free shipping, etc.

Although many people roll their eyes at the notion of coupons and stigmatize them as tools of the cheapskates, coupons actually have a long history of promoting products and saving consumers money. The first coupons were used by Coca-Cola to promote its product around the turn of the twentieth century. Coupons for a free Coca-Cola were mailed to potential customers or inserted in magazines. These coupons were successful in promoting the product, and in a span of almost twenty years, it was estimated that one in nine Americans had used a coupon to receive a free Coca-Cola.

After their initial inception, coupons gained widespread popularity around 1909 when C. W. Post (founder of Post cereals) started to use coupons to promote breakfast cereals and other food products. Today, most consumer-oriented organizations offer coupons to encourage customers to buy their products. The hope of these corporations is that coupons will entice customers to buy or use their products, and if the customers enjoy the product, they will continue to buy the product without the use of coupon.

Of course, coupons do more than promote a product. They can also help consumers save money. By frequently using coupons and by shopping for products according to current coupon discounts, shoppers can save a significant amount of money.

One of the most popular forms of coupons today is the internet coupon. Internet coupons are usually referred to as online coupon codes and are used to receive discounts on items purchased on online stores. Instead of physical tickets or documents, online coupons are a series of letters and/or numbers that a person must enter in the appropriate entry field to receive an offered discount. An online coupon code is usually entered when a customer is in the final steps of purchasing an item online. Online coupon codes are available through a variety of sources, and there is a rise in website organizations that provide lists of online coupon codes for thousands of different products.

But whether a person uses a coupon at a local grocery story or on an online shop, coupons can offer great discounts. They allow companies to promote their products and allow customers to save money. With coupons, everyone wins.

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