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Constructing Your Custom Business Website Professionally

First of all I am not referring in this article to the self replicated mass produced sales websites that a whole lot of MLM companies or Affiliate vendors give out to their affiliates or members. Don’t take me wrong, they can be splendid websites, very attractive as such but they have an inherant problem. That problem is every other Networking member or Affiliate online marketer has an identical site and they will never rank or most likely ever get indexed by Google, Yahoo or any of the well known search engines.

If you build your own website to present your business, you can position your self apart from the masses, offer more value to your potential buyers or new members and get your site indexed for all of the excellent key terms that are related to your business.You want your companies mass produced sales page to be the anchor texted link they clicked on from your own web site when they made the resolution to join with you in your business, not your own self built site you send your prospects to initially.

In the business I’m in Infinity Downline or really any business, try imagining your business website as if it were a restaurant. What kind of restaurant would you want it to be? Compare how you feel between venturing into a pleasant clean beautiful eatery that has excellent service and venturing into a filthy dive that has a waiter with a greasy shirt with his pot belly hanging out and a multitude of stains on his already soiled shirt. Add some dead bugs and food and crud all over the floor. Which dining in establishment would you prefer to pay your money to in return for their cuisine and service?

Well clearly you would feel pretty repulsed by the dirty dive. Well your small business website can either be impressive to people or make them think you are a rookie as well. Would not you agree with that statement? Your own individualized website can make you appear more unique from all the other members or marketers who are advertising their mass produced site and that states very professionally about who you are and how you conduct your business.

Your business professionalism not only reflects on you, your business web site, but it reflects either good or bad about your compay as well. You want to appear as expert and qualified with your web site. You want your internet site to make your leads attracted and inquisitive about your business. You want them to book mark your site and revisit it to explore it in more detail when they can spend more time.

If your biz opp is designed to appeal to people trying to create money online, like my business opportunity with Infinity Downline is then you want to be targeting people to visit your site who are desiring to earn extra money and looking for a way to earn it. So on your individualized website you want to comprehensively explain how your business can do that for your visitors. This could entail explaining your companies comp plan in detail. Through your sites content you want your prospective customer to come to believe that what you are marketing will solve the problems they came to your site to begin with.

So you don’t know what to build your site about or what kind of content to place on it? Well do an Internet search on related key phrases to your niche market and explore what you find and you will perhaps find a lot of good quality ideas. Check out your competitors and see what you like about their websites and what you could do better. In researching your competitors own custom websites as this is not a new idea, you will gain a wealth of knowledge and many thoughts for your own web site. Try to improve on what you find and make your own site more distinctive, original and useful than other internet sites you find in the search results.

What you are looking for is to make your site simpler to comprehend and to navigate around in. It must make sense to your prospective customer of what you are trying to communicate to them about your business. You want sure there are a lot of opportunities for them to buy your product or service and click over to your organizations sign up page if they get that impulse to buy or to join your company right then.

You are promoting something on your web site and you want on everyone of your websites pages a method for your visitor to obtain your product or to join your business opportunity. You don’t want your leads desiring to join or buy your wares and then have to spend a half an hour trying to find where to do what your’re wanting them to do, which is to join your business opportunity or to make a purchase of your service or product.

One last tip, check the display of your sites appearance in all the main internets browsers. Every so often what looks great in I.E. does not exhibit the same in Google Chrome, Safari or FireFox. You may have to reset your pixels to a better look or make other modifications to get a good display in all types of internet browsers. In my own Infinity Downline venture I use a WordPress blog platform and I haven’t ever had any difficulities with how my website displays and that includes mobile phone browswers as well.

Do you want to know more about Infinity Downline, if so go here, and to find out if you have a success minded attitude go here for a great video.

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