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Consistent Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Integrated marketing campaigns are a proven method for sharing your brand messaging throughout the Lehigh Valley. By spreading your marketing across both digital and traditional platforms, you increase your opportunities to make a connection with your target audience. The most important thing you can do to make your integrated Lehigh Valley advertising campaign effective is to keep it consistent.

Once you know your target audience for an integrated campaign, you need to make sure your Lehigh Valley advertising will consistently reach them. Work with a reputable advertising agency to determine which media channels your audience uses and pays attention to. Direct your marketing only through the platforms where your audience will encounter it rather than trying to simply hit as many channels as possible.

Another important facet to keep consistent throughout your integrated Lehigh Valley advertising is visual feel. Your advertising with a visual component will of course use a variety of different images, but for an integrated campaign to work there must be some level of cohesion between pieces (e.g., a color scheme, layout style, image treatment, typography, etc.) A similar appearance between ads cements the campaign visuals in the minds of your audience members and makes the ads more impactful as parts of a whole. Advertising agencies are experts at creating designs that look and feel connected.

In addition to visual consistency, your integrated Lehigh Valley advertising campaign should also have a clear and consistent message. It usually takes several impressions for a person to recognize a campaign, so it is important to make each impression count by developing content that conveys the same basic message to your audience across media channels.

Your messaging should also consistently direct recipients to the same end target, whether it is your website, your physical storefront, an event, or someplace else where you want your audience to engage with your brand. Work with your Lehigh Valley advertising agency to craft clear, connected content that will strengthen your campaign.

When developing an integrated Lehigh Valley advertising campaign, you must make sure your marketing is in sync across media channels for your efforts to be effective. Be consistent in your targeting, messaging, and visual feel and your campaign will be sure to hit home with the desired audience. When you work with a Lehigh Valley advertising agency, they will provide the right direction and help you launch a truly consistent and successful integrated campaign.

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