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Considering An Inflatable Display For Your Business? Know Your Options

Are you currently considering using an inflatable display as part of your business’ trade show strategy? You won’t be disappointed; at recent events, business owners touting these blow up stands as part of their exhibits have demonstrated that inflated trade show booths have long-term staying power. Not only do they help businesses in every field stand apart from the competition, but they also offer extensive opportunities for companies to make a significant, long-lasting impact on the wandering crowds.

Understanding The Four Main Inflatable Display Options

As you begin to consider an inflatable display, understanding the options available for your business will aid the decision-making process. A reputable and quality design firm that specializes in inflatable display strategies will offer a range of product choices, including:

Blow up rings: Think of the models in this line as inflated halos; these rings hang above a table as its own exhibit or over a separate stand as a visual enhancement. Whether circular or oval in nature, you’ll be able to customize this inflated exhibit with your specific brand image for optimal overall impact.

Portable blow up displays: These portable displays offer everything their traditional counterparts offer… and then some. Made of lightweight material, these exhibits are extremely easy to transport, set up and break down. A reputable provider will be able to create a portable inflated exhibit for your business that fits quickly into a single, easy to carry case, saving your business a significant amount of money in shipping costs and fees.

Large, square towers: One of the many benefits that inflatable square towers offer? A partially closed-in floor area for guests to meet and mingle with your team of employees. With a seamless, straightforward installation process, these larger exhibits allow your staff the chance to peruse the venue floor while the competition is still trying to setup their traditional booths and stands.

Modular exhibits: Do you attend multiple shows and events every year and need a versatile stand to help represent your business brand? A modular inflatable display can prove an ideal solution. This model blends seamless setup and transport with a wide range of stand configurations. You’ll quickly be able to reconfigure your booth based on each specific event.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Stand For Your Business

Once you are armed with information on the many air powered exhibit options, it’s important to consider other factors to ensure you make a final decision that will yield the best results. Having a firm grasp on the total events you’ll attend in any given year is a good place to start. Beyond sheer number of functions you’ll present at, you should also give careful consideration to the setup requirements at each specific expo. Will the exhibitor space allow for overhead rings? Are there particular size requirements that must be adhered to? Is carrying on your stand the most important benefit to your company? Understanding the answers to these and other questions can help you and your team choose the best inflatable display for your organization.

TT Skyline WindScape ( works with businesses in every industry to design a customized inflatable display that suits their specific needs. No matter what your live marketing vision, Skyline can quickly help you transform it into reality. Want to hear more? Visit our website today at

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