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Consider Carefully When Choosing Article Marketing Options

Consider Carefully When Choosing Article Marketing Options

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Being an affiliate marketer means making reasoned decisions based on facts. You owe it to your business to choose quality enterprises and methods for growing your business. You no doubt understand the value in conducting article-marketing campaigns. However, your article promotion efforts are only as good as the article marketing service you choose.

Different services exist that promise benefits of one sort or another. Your job is to select an article distribution service that offers you the most benefits. Of course, you want this for a reasonable subscription fee. Therefore, it behooves you to do some diligent research and select a service that gives you the highest return on your investment. Here’s the article marketing options you have at your disposal to consider:

Manual Submission

With this type of submission, you send your articles off to a myriad of directories and content sites. The downfall of this option is it’s a laborious process, which requires a big investment of your time. You could better spend your time in article writing, creating quality content for your niche market.

As an affiliate marketer, you want to build significant backlinks to your websites. This requires a concerted article writing effort. Spending time manually submitting articles will take away from this precious writing time.

Software Program Submission

Another option available to you is using a software program for article submission. The benefit of using a software program is that it’s quicker than manually submitting. However, the publishers listed in these programs may no longer be viable enterprises. Publishers come and go; you’re software is only as good as the publisher list contained therein. Therefore, software programs need regular updating.

In addition, there are the compatibility issues inherent in any software program and your PC. Then there’s the threat of viruses and malicious spyware. On top of all that, you’re at the mercy of and limited to the one computer where your software resides. This does not offer you the mobility aspect that’s so often necessary these days.

A Manual Submission Service

With this type of service, you submit your articles and pay a fee for doing so. Submission services have expensive fees. Many of them charge a per article fee. This can increase your costs significantly based on the number of articles you wrote and need to circulate. These services serve a purpose. However, they are not a cost-effective way to conduct an affiliate marketing business.

A Completely Managed Article Distribution Service

This is the most efficient and cost-effective way to conduct an article marketing campaign. You engage in article writing and article submission to this type of service. Then they handle the rest. You are free to engage in other marketing initiatives as befits your business. A completely managed article marketing solution is conducive to time-management.

Here’s how this type of enterprise operates. First, they allow you to submit unlimited articles for a one-time subscription fee. They do not limit the number of articles you can submit. Many services have this limit and charge extra fees when you surpass this limit.

Second, they engage in widespread distribution of your articles. This means your articles reach popular web publishers. Additionally, your articles reach those specialty publications exclusive to your niche audience. You want your articles in those newsletters that focus on topics your target market enjoys.

Third, this type of service offers one-touch article submission. This is to the article marketing industry’s largest, fully up to date distribution list. That means thousand of reputable sites, where editors are craving your quality articles. This is an excellent method for gaining affiliate-marketing exposure.

An article marketing service that offers this completely managed system allows for tracking too. They provide submission reports and exposure reports. In this way, you know where your articles are going, when, and who’s accessing them.

Another vital aspect of a completely managed solution is the article coaching they provide. This is a human editor offering advice and tips on article writing. This ensures your articles meet publishers’ requirements. You don’t have to worry about having your article rejected. Again, this means no wasted efforts and contributes to a smooth affiliate marketing operation.

A good article marketing service also provides free online education. They have their academic portal where you study the nuances of article writing and internet marketing. The two go hand in hand, and are important to your online business venture. This is another example of a quality article distribution service offering numerous benefits as part of their package.

Consider carefully when choosing article-marketing options. The article distribution service you choose is an essential aspect of your overall affiliate marketing strategy. Don’t take this decision lightly. Choose a service with the best distribution system that promotes effectively the business you care about deeply.

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