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Combining Internet Marketing With Direct Mail Campaigns

Internet marketing is unique in that it is easy to combine an internet marketing campaign with a marketing campaign of a different type. Direct mail marketing in particular seems well-fitted to combining campaigns and making the biggest impacts on your viewers possible. Business cards, email and postal mail, and special offers are great ways in which you can combine internet and direct mail marketing to create a positive and attractive marketing campaign for your business – both to attract new customers and keep old ones.

Business Cards

Though business cards are not necessarily a direct mail technique, they can be used in direct mail literature, and using them in conjunction with a newly launched internet marketing campaign is a very good tip. Because business cards can broadcast your website, and your website can broadcast the information on your business card, anyone who finds your card or website and wants to know more about your business will get a double dose of when/where they can find you and what you can offer them as a consumer. Therefore, business cards can be extremely effective with internet marketing.

Email and Postal Mail

Postal mail is perhaps one of the most common form of mailing literature and sales papers for businesses in a direct mail campaign. When combined with email, this is another case of the double-dose for your potential customers or clients. Tell your existing customers with direct mail to check their email for special offers – effectively making them expose themselves to your business and services offered twice. Other options include emailing your potential customers and alert them to look for special offers in the form of coupons and sales papers. Combining postal mail and email can then become an even more effective tool than they would be separately.

Special Offers

Special offers are, as you can tell from above, the single greatest attractor for potential customers to turn them into existing ones. In a tight economy and anyone on a tight budget, finding and utilizing these special offers is the best way to get what they need at a price they can afford, and in a way they can manage. Special offers can come in the form of coupons and sales, or they can come in the form of promotions that are only available with a code on a website or blog. Alternately they can be found in the form of special offers just for existing and repeat customers, which can be picked up in the brick-and-mortar business (direct mail, in some sense) and utilized on the website for internet orders.

Direct mail and internet marketing can really be a match made in heaven when they are used properly. For more help with combining the two, try talking with an internet marketing professional about how you can use what you already have and what you can build again in order to gain as many customers as possible and how to increase your profits by several percentage points.

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