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Choosing Your Adsense Alternative

If you are searching for an Adsense alternative to improve your revenue either by a per-impression or per-click basis, here are a few of them:

AdBrite is well-known for its competitive payouts. It does not have strict terms and conditions. If you use AdBrite, you can set your own bid prices on inventories for auction on the AdBrite exchange. As such, you optimize results with full control and transparency.

Bidvertiser give high payouts through pay-per clicks offers using their intriguing ad formats. Some of its advantages are: no minimum time and spending commitments. You can even choose sites you want your adverts to be featured on. In addition, it has two features to increase your revenue: conversion bonus and revenue generating toolbar. The former is for them to track clicks (that is, valid leads) so that you get additional conversion bonus and the latter to allow you to use their search toolbar so that you will earn money when your online visitors use it.

Chitika is another search-targeted ad network similar to AdSense. You get paid on a pay-per-click basis. It is also widely known to have varieties of ad formats and sizes. Chitika ads can be displayed along with AdSense for you to earn additional profit.

Clicksor offer high paying pop up and full page adverts. They have nonetheless some joining restrictions — 5,000 pageviews each day or 150,000 pageviews each month. The good thing is, they are prompt with their payments via Paypal.

Infolinks uses in-line text ads where double underlined hyperlinks appear randomly throughout your website. It indexes your blog’s contents and automatically place ad links base on keyword selection. When an Internet user hovers over the double underlined link, an advert box will pop up. When the ad is clicked, you receive revenue. Online marketers use infolinks as their secondary ad network along with an Adsense alternative of your choice.

Intellilinks specializes in organic text links across to generate traffic and get higher pagerank for its advertisers and increased revenues for its publishers. Intellilinks has an extremely easy setup feature where you just install a plugin to sell links on your site. You even have full control over which links you have to publish on your website.

Kontera is an in-text ad network that is open to all publishers regardless of their traffic. It inserts links within the text itself and you get paid when the ad is clicked. Kontera has a unique platform, known as Synapse, which uses a special type of algorithm that reads texts for actual meanings rather than scanning for your content keywords.

PocketCents specializes on automatic focus on local markets. It offers an intriguing and attractive alternative for ad banners. PocketCents will give you a higher click-through rate and more earnings from cost-per-click adverts. It also offers a flat rate on clicks to increase your site revenue simply by means of click optimization feature.

If you want more Adsense alternatives, you can visit one or more of the following: 7Search, AdBull, AdKnowledge, Adorika, AdStract, Leadbolt, Linkworth, MariMedia, Skimlinks, Sonobi, ValueClick, and a lot more.

It is not always the best idea to only have one ad network service. You should use another Adsense alternative for you to have additional source of income.

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