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Can’t Afford Full-Sized Trade Show Displays? Use Other Approaches To Maximize Marketing Impact

As a business leader, you already understand that participating in trade show displays delivers an extensive assortment of marketing benefits. Conveniently convening masses of already interested potential clientele, these promotional powerhouses are designed specially to give attending exhibitors an edge over the competition. Exhibitors simply need to set up their visually compelling trade show displays and perhaps accompanying banner stand and sit back and wait for the meandering crowd to stop into their booths to get a closer look at their specific services and wares.

Trade Show Displays Don’t Have To Break The Bank To Make An Impression

While trade show conventions do abound with unparalleled opportunities for companies to extend their promotional reach, it does come at a price. Customized trade show displays are a necessity at any convention to help lure the attention of the crowd away from the competition. Some business leaders who are anxious to hit the convention circuit just assume that these trade show booths are simply too expensive and seek other marketing resources for their business.

However, designing an innovative, eye-appealing exhibit doesn’t have to prove cost prohibitive. Trade show exhibits have come a long way over the decades. If you’re currently concerned about the expense of trade show stands and booths, read on. Understanding a few viable options can help you create a convention exhibit strategy that you will not only be proud of, but will also deliver the promotional impact you need to consistently win market share from your competitors.

Alternatives To Full-Sized Trade Show Booths And Stands

If your business can’t currently absorb the expense of a large, elaborate convention exhibit, there are countless other options to consider such as:

Portable Exhibits: Portable exhibits offer many of the same features and amenities that full-sized models offer businesses. However, as the name implies, these units deliver complete transportation ease. Your business will not have to sacrifice esthetic appeal here. Their small, portable design allows for extensive customization options at a fraction of the cost of other models. Best of all, transport and storage costs of a portable designs are considerably less when compared to modular or island options.

Table Top Displays: No, these are not the science fair looking boards that were once utilized by the businesses of yesteryear. Today’s modern table top displays offer companies a vast array of innovative styles and designs that help them stand out in the crowd, even amongst bigger stands and booths. A reputable distributor will be able to deliver a truly customized final look at various price points to ensure budget friendliness. Plus, table top displays can usually be carried on trains and planes so no additional expenses are incurred due to storage!

Banner Stand Options: Think that using a banner stand for your business exhibit can’t pack promotional punch? Guess again. Today’s banner stand models offer business owners all types of styles, designs and shapes. Couple them with table top displays or even use them alone with a representation of your best product line. Best of all, each business banner stand can be customized with company name, logos and even graphics for maximum visual impact. Opting for a banner stand solution can help your company remain fiscally responsible and still wow the crowds at the next event.

Skyline’s stellar team of design wizards has earned a reputation as the go-to provider of trade show displays ( From full-sized exhibits and table top displays to a customized banner stand guaranteed to garner attention, Skyline delivers. Visit the company website today to learn more about Skyline’s distinctive exhibit approach at!

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