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Canon EOS 5D Mark III Review

If you love photography, you have to get yourself the Canon 5D Mark III as it is an updated version of the canon 5d mark II,obviously with many great features. So here is a rundown of the features worth mentioning about this camera.

The camera still has a 22.3 megapixel CMOS sensor as the focus in this camera was to produce a camera that performed well even in low light. So this is great news for all those photographers who prefer camera performance in low light than megapixels. In fact, the camera can officially see in dark, which no other consumer camera in the world can do.

Two Stop Advantage

The Canon 5D Mark III has a Two Stop Advantage over the 5DMark III by offering higher ISOs. This means that the images shot by this camera at ISO 4000 are as clean the images shot using the Mark II at ISO 1000. It is this feature of the camera that makes it a great option for photographers as it let you capture the light as your eyes see it.

The new Digic 5 processor lets you shoot a maximum of 6fps continuous stills with the 5d Mark III. This is much higher than the 3.9 fps continuous skills offered by the 5d Mark II. This feature makes this camera the preferred choice for photographers who love capturing fast moving action.

Two new video codes

The video feature on the camera has also improved greatly as there are two new codes for you to choose from in the camera. While the ‘ALL-I’ code offers better compression and image quality, it uses more space. The ‘IPB’however creates smaller files, but its quality is not so good because of a slightly heavier compression format.

Video feature is okay but not that good because after 29:59 minutes the aperture closes and you can’t shoot more than this amount of time becuase they limit the camera due to some tax regulations of certain countries stating that if you have a camera that shoots more than 30 minutes of video you have to pay more taxes.

The screen on the 5d Mark III is much bigger than the screen that accompanies the 5D Mark II. This screen is 3.2 inches long, and now makes it comfortable and convenient to shoot low key videos, which don’t need a monitor.

However there is a drawback with these features, which is that the screen doesn’t articulate. According to canon, the reason to the lack of articulating screen is that the screen would have affected the weather sealing of the camera body. As this is a first in stills camera, it does look sensible for canon to place emphasis on weather sealing.

With so many additional and better features in the Canon 5D Mark III camera, it is not surprise that it is available at a much higher price than the 5DMark III camera. The increased features of the camera in fact, justify the price hike.

Armin Cruz is a writer for the photography section in He writes and reviews about the latest camera equipment in the market.

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