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Can Event Marketing Companies Sustain The Excitement After The Event Is Over?

The momentum and excitement of an annual trade show, convention or conference can grow quickly as the date of the show or convention approaches, reaching its peak when the venue opens, but that same excitement can quickly fade after the exhibits are taken down and participating businesses go home. Is there a way for event marketing companies to sustain the interest of potential leads as well as customers after the lights are turned off? It depends on how and when they continue to engage their audience during the months in between major venue offerings. The solution is largely dependent on maintaining a long-term, active connection that is interactive, informative and engaging.

Social Media Offers Event Marketing Companies Multiple Outlets

Social media is the best and most reliable way to engage customers year-round and there are a variety of platforms for this that can net businesses impressive results. Companies should be aware, however, of the importance of choosing the right social media outlets. They need to reflect the business in a positive light, remain professional and offer interaction with potential leads as well as current customers. Choosing the right outlet is critical when creating an online profile. Event marketing companies need to consider the message and personality of any businesses they are promoting when choosing online media.
Choosing wisely can turn a tepid customer base into an enthusiastic fan club if handled properly, particularly if social media includes helpful information that can’t be found easily elsewhere.

A Long-Term Plan Is Essential

Some event marketing companies start strong then fade when promoting their clients because they don’t have a long-term plan in effect. Long-term success hinges on having a strong plan in place as well as keeping the momentum going in the days, weeks and months following any conference or trade show. Simply following up for a few weeks isn’t enough because customers can turn to other online sources for industry and product information if they aren’t getting it from you. Successful event marketing companies keep in touch with customers and industry professionals using a staggered approach to engaging them. They may post regular technical updates on a professional site, press releases on more general platforms, and engaging questions on informal social media sites in order to prompt conversations and chats.

Asking Questions To Ensure Content Is Interesting

Social media promotions rely on providing relevant information as well as getting subscribers involved in an interactive interface. For maximum success, it’s critical to ask customers and associates on each platform what they want. It can be a fatal error for event marketing companies to simply push their own agenda. Using social networking sites to push advertising and make self-serving announcements won’t work long-term. By responding to customer needs with answers to their questions and the kind of content they’ve been looking for and not finding elsewhere, they prove their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Tailor Content To The Audience And Platform

For maximum ROI, event marketing companies should tailor their content to the specific platform. Longer, more technical posts will work best on industry-centered, professional sites. Chats, videos, photos and interactive conversations about the future of the industry may work on socially-focused sites, and quick announcements will work well on social media outlets that allow only short, pithy statements that lead to online content links.

Keeping The Momentum Going

Fresh content, interesting conversations and relevant announcements are all crucial, but none of these will translate into long-term success unless marketers continually update their information and respond quickly and reliably to customers who post questions. Having experts available at all times to respond to questions will demonstrate dedication and breadth of knowledge. If the sites are read across multiple time zones, having someone available to respond in a timely fashion and engage in scheduled chats across each time zone will go a long way toward reassuring visitors that they are “in the loop” rather than an afterthought.

All of the above elements can contribute to a strong presence for businesses and industry venues year round, but periodic tweaking may be necessary in order to continue the dialogue with potential leads and customers. If event marketing companies are still going strong with social media interaction months after a trade show or conference has ended, they are doing something right.

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