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Business Marketing Shift: From Billboards to Online Media

Business Marketing Shift: From Billboards to Online Media

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Many businesses are making a fast shift from more expensive forms of business marketing to online marketing practices. Moving from expensive billboard advertisements, to different online marketing strategies like Google AdWords, contextual advertising, and online promotions is proving more affordable in these troublesome economic times. From product promotion to the promotion of services, business owners are now making the cost-effective decision to avail themselves of online marketing and Internet business marketing strategies.

So how many businesses are using online marketing? Recent statistical analysis reveals that more than 90 percent of businesses that engage in advertising are using Internet and online marketing strategies to market their websites, services, and for product promotion. Print forms of advertising have fallen to second place when compared to online marketing and 88 percent of advertisers are still relying on print forms of advertising and product promotion. Nearly fifty five percent of businesses using advertising strategies to spread the word about products and services combine the powers of print forms of media as well as online business marketing methods.

While radio advertising is just under 50 percent at this time, the use of radio advertising is likely to rise in the future since there are online methods for sharing advertising via radio. Voice over Internet Protocol has paved the way for Internet radio, and once businesses catch on to the power of online marketing via Internet radio, it is very possible that radio advertising will gain significant attention as a viable form of Internet business marketing too. Online radio marketing, online interviews on radio shows, and interviews based on products and services are great ways to get a business’s message across.

The types of business marketing online and product promotion online need to be considered by the business owner if the advertising online is to be well received by targeted audiences however. Studies have found that Internet users prefer advertisements that are unobtrusive and that do little to interfere with the user’s Internet experience. For excellent product promotion online, the business owner will want to refrain from using advertising techniques involving pop-ups and mouse-overs since web users typically frown upon such forms of advertising. Advertising with music that suddenly comes on and offers the web user no controls over the volume are also found somewhat unsettling for some web users. Web banners, ads, Internet radio advertisements, and Google Adsense campaigns however, prove tremendously powerful in terms of advertising online.

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