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Business Facebook Post Ideas That Get People Talking

It’s no secret that perceptive business owners recognize that using Facebook to engage with their consumers can prove a powerful tool. However, even the savviest marketers can find generating fresh and relevant Facebook post ideas daunting. When tasked with using their business posts to effectively capture the attention of their targeted demographic, many instantly develop a severe case of writer’s block, almost instantly rendering their business page an online ghost town.

If you’re currently struggling with generating attention-garnering Facebook post ideas, know that you are not alone. Fortunately, there are some step-by-step tips that you can utilize to highlight some of your biggest business differentiations. Following some of these simple pointers can quickly help your business shed its current social media wallflower image.

Get Personal:
1. Let your network get to know the people behind your business by posting photos from company gathering, networking events, etc.
2. Give details behind significant company events such as backstory information on products and services.
3. List status updates that include employee achievements and milestones.
4. Share info or upload photos regarding charities and community outreach programs your organization partners with.

Acknowledge Your Customers And Followers:

1. Offer details from a client email or letter that you loved reading – confidentially of course!
2. Select a weekly or monthly “Fan of the month” or “customer of the month”
3. Share customer success stories as often as you have them.

Informational Tidbits & Tips:
1. Offer industry-specific tips and pointers as often as possible. Your followers will love knowing they can count on you to help save them time and/or money.
2. Have a recent online PR, blog, article, etc. you’d like to shamelessly self-promote? Link to it from your page. Remember, always include why your network should check it out.
3. Nothing internal to tout? No problem! Blast industry relevant updates to the masses to show how in the know your biz truly is.

Get Customers Involved In The Dialogue

1. Proactively solicit feedback from your followers. Keep them engaged by posting daily blank questions, trivia games, multiple choice surveys and more that ask them to speak up on your pages!
2. Solicit input from your clients about specific products, offerings and capabilities.
3. Let clients list links to their website (or even their Twitter accounts or QR codes) with a brief bio on their services – a little quid pro quo can go a long way!
4. Do a question of the day – you can ask your fans about virtually anything and let the dialogue take off from there.
5. Encourage followers to upload pictures they may have of your business or with your employees.
6. Comment on other business pages to “pay it forward” with conversations. Comments are a form of social “currency.” When you start commenting on other business pages, you might be surprised at how that currency comes back to you.

Final bonus tip – Set aside a block of time to create a list of post ideas ahead of time. This will save you a lot of time in the long run of sitting in front of your business page each day wondering what to write!

Christine OKelly is a CoFounder of Online PR Media, the press release distribution site that supercharges traditional media press releases with multimedia, social media, and SEO. Download a free copy of “The Results-Driven Press Release Formula” and learn how to write press releases that generate publicity and visibility. (

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