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Building Your Portfolio Using Social Media And SEO

Social media and bookmarking sites have become extremely popular over the last few years. Literally millions of people use them on a daily basis, from all over the world. You could do a lot worse then use some of these sites to advertise your own website but there are smart ways of doing it and some not so smart.

In order to get the word out there about your website you have to advertise. No advertising means little or no visitors to your site and no potential customers. Social bookmarking sites are a great way to disperse your information across the internet and around the whole world very quickly.

Signing up to these sites is easy and takes little time. You must fill in your portfolio fully and include a photo. Photos draw customers, even if it isn’t one of you. Once you have done this, using as much information as you possibly can then you can start to use the site to your own advantage.

You must be an active member of any social media site you join. If you just join and then start to advertise your own website you may be classed as a spammer and thrown off the site. Join in discussions and make comments on other people’s postings. Post links to other quality websites as well as your own so it doesn’t look like self-promotion.

Many SEO experts claim that using social media sites are not a good way to get customers and make money. In many ways they are right. If you are looking to make money through AdSense or click back ads then this maybe isn’t the way to go. What it is good for is building up your email lists and rss feed lists and these are an important part of building up your portfolio and drawing in potential customers.

When you are posting site links and articles to multiple sites you should change your titles for each and every one. Try to use good SEO keyword as this will make it more likely that your work will be picked up by the search engines. Unfortunately, many search engines do not rank work that is placed on social bookmark sites or, if they do the rankings are low.

What you can do is point people to your website or articles you have written and there is where you use your SEO (search engine optimisation) skills to get your rankings. This is also an excellent way to build up your portfolio on your own website. The more links and information you can demonstrate the better it is for you.

Social bookmarking takes time to get right. But it can be a huge boost to your website and can increase your traffic hugely. Continuing to be an active member of these sites is a great way of building your portfolio and driving some traffic to your website. Optimise your email opt-in and you will also increase your email lists tremendously, giving a huge boost to your site.

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