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Build Your Online Home Business Email List Rapidly Via Joint Venture Giveaways

Every experienced Internet marketer will tell you: “The money is in the list” and of course they would be correct. Building a large, targeted and therefore highly responsive email list of prospective clients and current customers is the fastest way to achieving the success you’re looking for online with your home based business. And the quickest way to create this directory of loyal subscribers is by participating in joint venture giveaways.

These gift giving events can involve any where from several to several hundred Internet marketers who all have contributed freebies for the online happening. Everyone involved agrees to promote the event so they can attract as many prospects as possible to help them build their lists. The best way to get people to subscribe is to give away a fantastic gift that your potential customers need and want.

Some of the most effective Internet marketing presents, to help entice people to give you their contact information, have proven to be traffic generating products and list building strategies. Most people just starting out online with their Internet marketing career can see the value in attracting targeted traffic to their product offer as well as how a huge email list of responsive buyers will benefit their home business for years to come.

The best way to achieve success with your JV giveaway is to fiercely promote it so you can get the referrals you need to gain the exposure your product page will need to build your list. These events are usually based on a ranking system so that the Internet marketers who refer the most people get the most eye balls on their freebies thereby getting more subscribers to their list.

Sometimes if you’re having difficulty getting people to go to the event you can upgrade your status by paying a fee thereby getting more visitors to your product page and more subscribers to your list. You can actually attract members from other marketer’s lists because they promote the event to their subscribers who, as a result, will also see your freebie’s page and may sign up to your list.

JV giveaways are a very cost effective way to build a targeted list of sometimes hundreds of new members because all you have to do is provide your gift, promote the event and wait for your new members to sign up. However, there is a downside to participating in these partnerships.

By promoting these events to your list you’re exposing your subscribers to many other Internet marketers therefore you run the risk of diluting your response rate if these people join too many other lists during the event.

Overall joint venture giveaway events are an excellent technique to use to help build your email list of targeted buyers and can be very effective for anyone just starting out online with their home based business.

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