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Bringing Your Trade Show Exhibits Into The 21st Century

Has your company been relying on the same trade show exhibits they’ve been using for the last five years? Or even the past decade? That’s a shame, because in today’s competitive marketplace your image could take a hit if you aren’t using the latest in graphics, design and other elements on the venue floor. The development of new materials and designs as well as innovative elements such as inflatable displays can make more traditional trade show exhibits look tired and outdated. But even if you’re not ready to invest in a complete overhaul of your current booth, there are steps you can take that will bring your trade show exhibits firmly into the present with an eye toward the future.

Combine Content Marketing With Your Sales Pitch

In previous decades the hard sell approach was pretty popular in a number of industries. You’d do a lot of hand-shaking, then launch right into your sales pitch like a carnival barker. The “sell, sell, sell” mantra was ringing in the ears of your booth staff and they never forgot it. But in today’s economy and with more competitors than ever for each lead’s dollar, that hard sell concept can be difficult to swallow. Attendees don’t want to hear fifty sales pitches and they don’t want to be pressured. Instead, give them something for nothing or as close to it as you can get.

Instead, deliver useful information that educates or informs visitors. It will cement your brand identity with them and generate a sense of loyalty after the show is over and every time they use your information in the future. Whether it’s a brochure for “Ten Ways to Streamline Your Payroll Procedures” or a live cooking demonstration for restaurateurs, people appreciate learning something they can use and when they need the product you’re selling, they’ll be more likely to turn to you instead of a competitor.

Go Mobile

While trade show exhibits themselves are stationary by their very nature, it doesn’t mean that your entire presentation has to be static. Let potential leads know that you’re a forward-thinking company that’s on board with the latest mobile advancements by offering mobile apps they can use when they’re on the road or at a job site. It’s a great way to deliver useful information in small bytes after the trade show is over that will educate readers and help them out when they need it, on their timeframe. By being readily available, you’ll generate customer loyalty and create a name for yourself as a dependable resource long after you’ve shipped your trade show exhibits to the next event.

Use Interactive Technology In Your Trade Show Exhibits

While brochures and flyers are fine, they won’t win you any awards in the “cutting edge” department and they probably won’t woo any visitors away from competitors’ trade show exhibits that have interesting, interactive features. Stand out from the crowd with interactive features that engage multiple senses and encourage interaction. One way is with laptops or tablets that allow attendees to input their contact information, questions and needs directly into your own database. As a bonus, you won’t have to worry about collecting endless sheets of paper or trying to decipher illegible handwriting.

By getting in front of the latest trends in trade show exhibits, you’ll ensure a strong presence at future events as well as in the minds of potential leads.

Tradetec Skyline ( designs and creates stunning trade show exhibits for Chicago expos and venues across the country that successfully reflect each client’s brand identity using the latest technologies. Visit their website at to discover how they can bring your company’s image into the 21st century.

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