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Booth Staff Training & More: Important Benefits Trade Show Consulting Offers Your Business

It’s no secret that working the tradeshow circuit can prove a major marketing undertaking. Setting up exhibits, coordinating the logistics, paying the fees and managing the post-event return on investment can quickly devour significant internal resources. In order to ensure that these promotional endeavors prove themselves worthy of the overall investment, it’s imperative to maximize efforts at each and every event.

Is your business currently sourcing ways to ensure that your team is operating at max capacity before, during and after the convention? If so, it’s time to consider aligning your business with a firm that specializes in consulting for trade shows. Offering a slew of services, a team that provides consulting for trade shows can help strengthen your business’ event impact and make a lasting impression with potential clients for optimal return on investment.

Booth Staff Training & Tradeshow Software: Two Key Components Of A Consulting Partnership

One of the biggest benefits that a consulting firm can offer your business is booth staff training. The team manning your booths and exhibits are often the only exposure to your organization that event attendees will get. It’s imperative to ensure that they are always poised, articulate and as highly-trained as possible to manage any situation that may arise during the event.

A firm that specializes in consulting for trade shows will work with your staff throughout your partnership. A reputable firm will offer various booth staff training models to best complement your team’s specific schedules and needs. Onsite and remote options not only provide viable initial training, but they also serve as refresher courses to keep your team sharp while working the convention crowd.

Additionally, companies that offer tradeshow software as well will deliver further benefits and differentiators to your organization. Having access to tradeshow software means that, even after your initial training seminars, your business will still have access to the critical teaching points provided. This is imperative, not only as reinforcement for team members that have undergone initial trainings, but also works as an excellent tool to get new hires up to speed on what is expected of them during a marketing event. In short, tradeshow software helps sustain long-term excellence at any convention.

Other Benefits Offered By A Convention Consulting Firm

Beyond booth staff training, a consulting firm can also help manage before and after logistics as well. One of the biggest factors in event success is increasing the numbers of visitors that stop by your company stands during a function. A seasoned provider can offer objective pointers and tips on how to use your business exhibits to visually compel and engage the crowd.

Finally, a reputable firm will be able to manage the analytics of each individual function and offer tangible, measurable results. Items like numbers of conversations, leads and even conversions are all factors that your partner will be able to log and analyze for you. Outsourcing these responsibilities will not only free up your internal resources, but also grant you pinnacle precision when it comes to determining exactly how effective your overall convention campaign is going!

If you’re looking for innovative consulting for trade shows ( for your next convention, marketech360 delivers. From booth staff training services to tradeshow software for long term results, marketech360 can make you the star of the next show! Visit their site today to hear more at!

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