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Boost The Potential Of Your Trade Show Stand Tables With A Table Top Display Or Brochure Holder

It’s trade show time, and you need to create a booth that not only attracts potential customers but also keeps them at your stand and gives them valuable company information. Your stand must have visual appeal and must achieve the goal you have set for the event. Often when you design such a booth, you find that you need to incorporate tables into your design. In order to make them as appealing and effective as they can be, consider items such as a brochure holder or a table top display; they can help keep your literature organized and make your booth shine!

Options That Can Maximize Your Stand’s Impact

Nowadays, trade show design companies offer a wide array of products that can help you maximize the impact of your booth’s tables. These products include the following:

1. Cover and/or runner – can be done with imprint or without
2. Presentation light – styles include halogen and LED
3. Brochure holder
4. Acrylic riser
5. Suggestion box
6. Table top display – styles include fold-up, board, and pop-up
7. Magazine rack
8. Acrylic frame
9. Literature pocket
10. Plastic presentation stand

The strategic use of any one of these elements, or any combination of them, can greatly enhance the success of your exhibition.

Visual Appeal And Function – Elements Of Successful Design

With so many trade show design elements available, it might be hard at first to know which ones to use. When deciding which components will work best, be sure to consider both visual appeal and function – one without the other will result in a design that only gets half the job done.

In order to account for both of these things, think about what message your components are trying to convey. Are you promoting one product? If so, then you might very well make your focus the product itself with minimal other distractions. In this case, you may want a cover in a color that complements the product, an acrylic riser to elevate the product, a display light shining on the product, and a small brochure holder containing information about the product.

But what if you are advertising a suite of services? In this case, you may incorporate details such as a neutral-colored, understated cover, a magazine rack that allows visible display of information about each service, and a table top display that provides an overview of the suite of services.

Strategic Use Of Elements – A Key To Your Trade Show Success!

With the comprehensive assortment of trade show components available today, you have many options that will allow you to get great impact from your stand. Strategically using elements like a cover or runner, a brochure holder, a presentation light, or a table top display will make all the difference in the creation of a space that effectively and attractively achieves your trade show goals!

Chris Harmen is a writer for Siegel Display Products, a company that provides customers with premium trade show displays ( The company is known for helping customers create a dynamic trade show display (, no matter what their budget.

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