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Blow Up Displays: Three Important Benefits That Just May Surprise You

Looking for a new and innovative way to take the live encounter marketing arena by storm? You may want to consider blow up displays for your next corporate convention. Unlike potentially large and cumbersome traditional trade show exhibits, blow up displays deliver an easy to transport (and even easier to set up) marketing option that truly yields maximum crowd appeal and overall return on investment.

Blow Up Displays: Understanding The Advantages They Offer Your Business

Concerned that blow up displays won’t yield the same advantages associated with their traditional counterparts? Don’t be; choosing blow up displays as part of your live encounter marketing solution delivers three critical benefits that just may surprise you.

Key Benefit #1 — Customization: What’s one major benefit of blow up displays that often surprises business owners in virtually every industry? The extensive range of customization features that this exhibit option delivers. Just like other trade show exhibit and banner options, blow up displays allow companies to include brand-specific information such as logo, product images and even slogans throughout the design. These exhibits also come in customized shapes and sizes to fit every convention need. This extensive customization allows entrepreneurs to stay in control of their final designs to ensure optimal audience impact for long-lasting results.

Key Benefit #2 — Complete ease of use: In addition to ample customization options, blow up displays also deliver complete ease of use for corporate executives. Many larger, traditional stands require careful packing as well as inconvenient shipping and complicated setup. An inflatable stand eliminates all these potentially difficult factors. Your inflatable design quickly packs up into an easy to transport carrying case. Simply open your case, inflate your exhibit and you instantly have a visually-appealing and compelling booth that will generate the buzz you’ll need to be the talk of the convention.

Key Benefit #3 — Easy cleanup: A third distinctive feature that impresses and surprises entrepreneurs? Just how easy cleanup is with these inflatable designs. While traditional exhibits may have hard to clean surfaces, the lightweight material used with an inflated booth proves exceptionally resilient to all sorts of spills, dirt and general wear and tear.

Finding The Right Provider To Partner With When Choosing Inflatable Booths

Of course, deciding to go with an inflated style is simply the first step toward ultimate success. In order to ensure the best possible results, business owners must team with the right provider to suit their distinctive needs. When sourcing a vendor, create a must-have checklist to ensure that all of your requirements are met.

What’s the first thing to look for in a potential provider? The reputation of the firm. Yes, inflatable styles are a new market option for business owners; that’s why it’s critical to find a provider that has an extensive, established history with other design scenarios. Choosing a team that has a superior creative reputation can quickly put your company on the right track for success.

Additionally, look for a provider that offers an extensive line of accessories beyond your inflated booth. Teaming with a vendor that also provides items such as tables, chairs, and lighting can instantly set your company apart from the other exhibitors. Best of all, finding a one-stop solution for your live encounter marketing needs immediately streamlines the process and helps maximize results with your efforts.

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