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Beyond Trade Show Exhibits: How To Make Customers Remember You

A typical industry convention features hundreds of vendors all vying for the customers’ attention. There are the old tried-and-true methods of making them notice you, including eye-catching trade show exhibits, but most vendors all use the same methods, meaning that everyone blends together in the attendees’ memories. Instead of working harder to make those contacts, why not just work smarter?

Create Memorable Trade Show Exhibits

Most companies just use the typical trade show exhibits, with standard banner stands, pop-up displays, etc. While these are, of course, valuable elements, try to come up with something off the beaten path. Brainstorm some truly unique signage or booth construction that might include towers, ceiling-hanging elements and more. Play with shapes, lighting and high-quality graphics. Additionally, consider doing a fun demonstration of one of your company’s products to draw visitors and/or provide samples, if applicable. Anything that will make your display stand out so that people make a point to visit it will pay off in spades.

Use Social Media

Today’s savvy companies are using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to promote themselves, so don’t forget to use those same platforms to advertise your presence at the convention! Start well in advance by announcing that you’ll be there, complete with a special hashtag, and follow that up with special offers for your Twitter and Facebook followers. Don’t forget to engage with your followers when they reply to your posts! Then, at the event, include that hashtag somewhere in your signage and be sure to keep up the tweets about what’s going on at the expo.

Try Location-Based Web Services

Did you know that you can create a Foursquare location for your own trade show exhibits? You might be surprised at how many people use it to “check in” at specific booths at a convention. You can even take this idea further and offer incentives to visitors who check in at your booth, perhaps a small prize or a discount on your services. This way, you’ll not only draw people to your display, but you’ll also increase your social media presence.

Advertise On Your Website

Speaking of Internet marketing, try creating a temporary redirect on your website so that visitors are taken to a special page about your upcoming expo appearance. Explain exactly why you’ll be there and what you’ll be doing, and maybe even offer a free e-book about your company’s products and services and how they tie into the theme of the convention. Make it interesting and see how well people will respond!

With every convention you go to, try to shake up your sales approach and come up with something innovative and exciting to do with your trade show exhibits. Consult with your sales reps and your marketing team and brainstorm some creative ideas for promotions, activities, and incentives. Anything that makes you stand out from the masses of vendors at the convention will mean more leads, more sales, and more profit!

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