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Beyond Custom Trade Show Designs: Other Important Ways To Promote Your Event Presence

When it comes to announcing a business’ presence at a marketing convention or industry event, it’s easy to see the importance of having eye-catching, informative, custom trade show designs to tout an organization’s services, wares and value-add differentiators. Whether manning full-sized trade show exhibits that offer the very latest, visually compelling bells and whistles or opting for simpler popup displays that present a polished and professionally inviting environment, a company’s custom trade show designs become their signature image as they try to make their mark. Without impressive trade show exhibits, even the most well-established organization will quickly fade into the background, unnoticed while the competition garners all of the crowd’s attention.

Trade Show Exhibits: Only One Critical Piece Of The Puzzle

While the importance of these custom trade show designs is a critical component to overall corporate success at any marketing function, it’s important to remember that they are not the only method of promotion that companies should employ to announce their event presence. There are several pre-function tactics that businesses should utilize to ensure that their niche market not only knows that they will be attending a specific function, but also feels compelled to seek them out during the show itself. Understanding three important ways to pre-promote your convention presence can help ensure that your company always capitalizes on the opportunity for visitors at trade show exhibits and maximizes overall convention impact.

Three Marketing Campaigns To Make Your Attendance Known Beforehand

When strategizing how to best promote your upcoming attendance at a function, consider employing three critical, yet distinctive, marketing campaigns for a thorough advertorial approach.

Email Campaign: It’s always important to start with your own internal customer base to get the word out about an upcoming event. Go through your existing database and create a list of desired contacts that you’d like to meet or meet again. Allow every salesperson on your staff to do the same. Once you have a master list, create an email campaign that will connect with every contact to let them know about your upcoming event. Remember, simply touting your attendance isn’t enough of a draw; always give them at least one great reason why coming to the event to check you out will benefit them!

Social Media Campaign: There’s no denying it; social media marketing has proven itself a force to be reckoned with and it’s here to stay. As soon as your organization registers for a specific function, it’s time to start getting the word out on all your online networking resources. Beyond your attendance, always blast exciting updates like industry speakers, celebrity attendees, etc., to really start generating online buzz about the expo well in advance.

Blogger Campaign: Don’t know any bloggers in your industry? Find some – and fast! Partnering with some of your industry’s relevant bloggers is a great way to help promote your business as the vertical leader that you are. Offer backlinks to their blog on your website to help boost their readership while they help promote your event attendance.

Want to know another way to partner with bloggers in your marketplace? Have one onsite! If your business doesn’t currently offer a blog, start one. Posting consistently is a great way to get the word out about your business and any upcoming functions you’ll be attending.

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