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Be Philanthropic With Your Accessories

Giving generously to support a charitable cause is a very nice and noble thing to do. Naturally, people with more money and greater wealth can afford to give more than individuals with fewer financial resources. While charities can always use large donations, they welcome the support and contributions of everyone. If you are not in a position to write a big check, but still want to help, there is an easy way to contribute to a worthy cause.

Charity wristbands make it possible for just about everyone to be able to help an organisation raise funds for an important cause. These wristbands are usually made out of a silicone gel material, but, they can also be made out of vinyl or cloth. They raise awareness for such important causes as AIDS/HIV research, a cure for cancer, support for the troops and the fight against racial discrimination.

Lance Armstrong, who won seven consecutive Tour de France cycling competitions and who is a cancer survivor, was the first to use charity wristbands to raise awareness and funds for an important cause. In 2004, the Livestrong band, a yellow silicone bracelet, was included in the fund-raising efforts of the Lance Armstrong Foundation. With the help of Nike and plenty of support from celebrities who wore the band, the Foundation has sold more than 80 million wristbands. All of the funds are used for cancer research, raising cancer awareness and encouraging people to live life to its fullest.

Charity wristbands cost about the same amount as a cup of coffee. They come in a variety of colours. The most popular bands are associated with a specific colour. For instance, Afghan Heroes is a charitable organisation that raises awareness and money to help the brave men and women of the UK military who have been deployed in Afghanistan. A blue band, sponsored by BBC Radio 1, helped bring to light the growing social problem of bullying. Nike UK sponsors a black and white crossover version that stands for racial equality and cultural tolerance. There are many other very important causes that use these colourful accessories for bringing attention to their campaigns.

While everyone is encouraged to be philanthropic and buy some charity wristbands, you must be sure to buy them from a legitimate site. When you deal with a legitimate seller or the organisation itself, you can be assured that a portion or all of the proceeds will go for the benefit of the charity or cause.

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