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Banner Stands: Using Vertical Elements For Maximum Impact

Most good trade show displays feature more than one or two elements for a reason. By combining various elements such as banner stands, pop-ups or table top displays, companies give their spot on the convention floor more depth and visual interest. By breaking up the horizontal and vertical lines of sight, they encourage visitors to step into trade show booths and explore the area. If you use only one type of booth decor, you’re short-changing your company’s presence and limiting your options.

Versatile Banner Stands

One of the most versatile and under-utilized features for successful trade show displays is the banner stand. The vast majority of these are taller than they are wide for a strong vertical presence. Rather than relegating these features to the peripheral of your overall design, turning them into “add-ons,” experiment with using these unique advertising pieces as strong elements in their own right.

Create A Panorama

Because banners are so tall, they lend themselves to creating a panorama when you use three or more in a row. By having a large image printed across three side-by-side units, you create the illusion of a truly panoramic view. This is ideal for creating impressive vistas or reminding viewers that your products or services are monumental; the panoramic view can essentially infer that they are ‘too big’ for just one panel.

Include A Features List

If you want to highlight an important list of information, have it printed on banner stands that you can strategically position near your trade show booths. Because they are two to three times taller than they are wide, they are perfect for a bulleted list that’s quick and easy to read. The size and shape naturally draws the eye downward. Short blocks of information such as your top five products or seven ways your company improves ROI for customers can be easily digested by potential clients.

Draw Visitors Into Your Trade Show Displays

Strategically staggering three or four customized banner stands at one end of trade show booths can create an inviting path to the center of your area. Bold graphics, slowly revealing more information on individual pieces or even numbering actions you want readers to take can all draw visitors’ attention. Instead of “ready, set, go” on a single, large display, print each word on an individual banner, taking advantage of the vertical to increase impact with unusual graphics or your business logo. If they are properly staggered, readers will naturally end up in the heart of the display rather than simply passing by.

Tell A Story

The illusion of movement, whether it’s movement from one spot to another or from one moment in time to the next, is always advantageous at trade show displays. Let banners tell a story such as the history of your company or the development of a new product. The strong vertical is particularly good for this type of narrative; the story can be printed in text at the top while an illustration is used at the bottom, mixing print and graphics for a powerful punch.

Relatively small but extremely versatile, banner stands can transform trade show displays from ho-hum to exciting with just a small investment of time and materials.

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