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Banner Stands: Top Things You May Not Know About These Powerful Promotional Signs

Think that you know everything there is to know about using banner stands as part of your business’ encounter marketing strategy? Guess again. If you haven’t checked out some recent offerings in banner stands, you just may be surprised at just how far these promotional signs have come. Want to know if using banner stands make sense for your business’ live event strategies? Read on to see some common misconceptions about banner stands and how these customized signs can seamlessly blend into your existing convention approach.

Top Myths And Misconceptions About Banner Stands

Before moving forward with a strategy on promotional signs for your business, it’s important to deal with the facts. Some of the most common misconceptions and myths about banner stands include:

Myth #1: Promotional banners only come in one shape
In truth, today’s promotional signage comes in a wide range of styles, shapes and designs to satisfy every client’s tastes and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a traditional look or want to customize a final design into a specific shape, a reputable provider will be able to create exactly what you’re looking for.

Myth #2: Business signage offers limited customization options
While previous business signage may have provided only limited choices in personalization, today’s designs deliver an extensive range of ways to customize the final look. You’ll be able to create a sign that incorporates your current brand image, color palette and even use images of existing products and services to enable viewers to quickly gain an understanding of exactly what your organization is about.

Myth #3: My banners are only useful as periphery accessories to my trade show stand
Many company executives (wrongfully) assume that customized banners are mere trade show accessories, designed solely to complement a larger, more elaborate stand or exhibit. This is simply not true. Today’s signs, with their vast assortment of looks and styles can actually act as exhibits in their own right. Business owners in every industry have opted to set up their signs along with a few minor accessories and have found that they more than hold their own with other exhibit styles.

Myth #4: I won’t be able to use my company signage after the trade show season
This is also a common misconception about company signage. Banner stands offer companies of every size and operating in every field a multitude of uses and purposes that extend far beyond just trade shows. From recruiting events at college campuses, to job fairs and more, you’ll easily be able to designate an extensive array of uses for your banners. Some business owners even set their signage up in lobbies or other areas throughout their facility for extra visual appeal for prospective clients and partners.

Once you’ve made the choice to move forward with this versatile, easy-to-transport promotional resource, be sure to partner with a reputable provider with the needed skills and experience to get your job done properly. A qualified design team will quickly be able to make your sign vision a reality and deliver a final product that truly enhances all your live marketing initiatives.

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