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Banner Stands, Popup Displays & More: Save Money And Still Make Your Mark At The Next Convention

Every business owner understands that operational expenses are just part of the day to day necessities of running a business. Quite simply, you have to spend money in order to make money. However, when it comes to spending marketing dollars, especially in today’s turbulent economy, entrepreneurs are finding themselves reluctant to invest in various promotional outlets in an effort to save bottom line revenues.

This mentality of saving money on advertising can prove especially true when it comes to participating in marketing conventions. It’s no secret that these major industry events can require potentially large fees and expenditures. However, while it’s important to always stay financially aware, foregoing participating in these functions can prove short-sighted. Sure, business leaders may save the initial investment total — but is it worth it to miss out on the endless opportunities for leads, networking and competitive analysis that these events deliver? For most businesses, the answer is a decided, “No!” Thus, corporate executives are finding themselves thinking outside the box to find inexpensive ideas for trade shows.

Looking For Cost-Effective Ideas For Trade Shows? Start With Your Exhibit

Fortunately, there are a wide range of cost-conscious ideas for trade shows that can offer businesses the opportunity to effectively engage without breaking the budget. The best place to start when looking to minimize costs is often with your displays themselves. Think that only large and expensive exhibits impress at these functions? Guess again. Today’s savvy entrepreneurs recognize that many small, customizable exhibits deliver all of the critical brand components and marketing missives, but come with smaller, easier to absorb price tags.

If you’re looking for visually engaging ideas for trade shows, consider popup displays. Popup displays are portable, easy to set up booth options that more than hold their own with full-sized, elaborate stands and booths. A reputable design team will help you create a final look that compels and informs to ensure that you’ll always have a steady stream of prospective clients stopping by to check out your organization, at price points that won’t devour your expendable income.

Banner stands are also an excellent option for business leaders seeking to keep overhead expenses to a minimum. Banner stands can be used as part of a comprehensive exhibit that includes popup displays, tabletop stands, and more. However, if you’re truly looking to stretch your marketing dollars and still make a major impact at the next event, try using your banner stands alone. When used as part of a simple exhibit with table and chairs, customized banner stands can truly wow the crowds and keep your budget intact for the ultimate marketing win/win experience!

Other Budget Friendly Ideas For Trade Shows

Beyond the popup displays and banner stands themselves, there are a number of other ways to sustain financial accountability during marketing conventions. Opting to forego handouts and giveaways during the function is a great way to save money without losing crowd impact. Also, when determining which staff members should man the exhibits, only send along the minimum number of employees necessary to effectively work the room and get results. Finally, if the event is out of town, always book travel logistics as far in advance as possible. Last minute flight, car and hotel fares can prove an exorbitant expense. However, locking in rates early can help you secure the best deal and help you spread out expenditures over a greater span of time for maximum savings!

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