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Attract The Right Crowd – Tradeshow Marketing Tips For Targeting Decision-makers

Tradeshow attractions and giveaways can only go so far in attracting people to your booth. To target the people you really want to attract – the decision-makers – take a look at your trade show marketing strategy and consider implementing some of these tips.

Where And How You Communicate

Take the time to make sure you are networking with the right people. Determine who the influencers and decision-makers are and go where they go. Don’t waste your convention marketing dollars at the wrong show.

At the show, take every opportunity for face-to-face contact. Research has shown that a few days of interacting directly with key decision-makers at a trade show can significantly cut the cost and time of closing sales.

Make An Offer They Can’t Refuse

Do your homework. Contact your target decision-makers in advance of the show. Use e-mail, telephone, or postcard campaigns to let them know where to find you; include your booth number or location for the show. Offer special incentives available only to those included in the campaign. Whether it’s a prize at the show or a product discount, offer something that is contingent on a visit to your booth. And make sure it’s something that will get their attention.

When planning your incentive as part of your tradeshow marketing strategy, it’s important to make sure the incentive offers a reward to the individual as well as to their company. A combination of a gift for visiting the booth along with a discount for deals closed within a number of days of the show, for example. Getting a good deal for his or her company is more likely to motivate a decision-maker to action than an individual gift.


Get more from your convention marketing dollars by sponsoring an event at the show. Consider sponsoring a workshop, reception, or local site tour. You can usually find a sponsorship to fit just about any budget. Chose an event that your target client is sure to attend and ideally seek out an event where your product or service is being used. Definitely be in attendance at any event you sponsor. Take the opportunity to engage your audience, but don’t upstage the event presenters. As an added bonus, event sponsors will often be rewarded with prime booth locations.

Attend & Engage

One of the most valuable aspects of your trade show marketing strategy is the simple act of mingling. Staff your booth with well-qualified representatives so that you can personally get out and visit other exhibitors. Personal interaction is a powerful tool in convention marketing. Don’t get trapped in your own exhibit and miss out on the chance to personally invite all the right people, decision-makers and other influencers, to come by and find out what you’re all about. is a trade show marketing ( consulting and implementation provider and convention marketing ( specialist.

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