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Areas to Focus on When Considering Online Advertising Agencies

For many businesses in need of advertising help, figuring out which of the many online agencies to bring on board to help you grow your business can be a challenging and confusing process.

Here are 5 things to consider that will help you make your decision a little easier and with a whole lot more confidence.

What Size and Types of Businesses Do The Agencies Serve?

When it comes to agencies with or without experience in your industry this can be a tricky point. While the mechanics of online advertising are similar for businesses of all sizes, there can be differences, so look for an agency that has experience with businesses similar to yours… but not just exactly like yours.

Why? Because too narrow of focus can also lead to being out of touch with broader marketing trends and this can lead to dated, sub-optimal approaches.


Of course there is more to online advertising than PPC and SEO but they are the two largest, most well proven online advertising philosophies and agencies typically specialize in one or the other. This is a fundamental decision that will influence everything going forward so choose carefully.

Who is Going to do the Work?

You are probably already doing a number of roles in your business. Right? So the last thing you need is an online advertising agency that creates more work for you! Yet unless you are careful you may just get yourself a whole lot more work when you bring the wrong online marketing agency on board. Here’s why. Many agencies serve the role of consultant and are great at telling you “what to do” but not so great at actually “doing” what needs to get done. So choose carefully!

Qualifications and Experience

How much and how varied are the qualifications of the online advertising agency you are considering? Look for a wide experience base in a number of industries, and company sizes and look for depth of experience as well. If the agency only has experience in one industry or only one aspect of marketing or advertising (e.g. graphic design, web programming, SEO) then you would be correct in having limited confidence that this agency has the full experience range and knowledge necessary to develop a completemarketing solution.

Campaigns vs. Complete Solutions

This final factor may just be the most critical when choosing an online advertising agency, so ignore this at your own risk! A website, PPC advertising, Search Engine Optimization, article marketing, email marketing and social media marketing (the list could go on far longer!) are tactics NOT Complete Marketing systems.

Demand that the agency you bring on board demonstrate to you exactly how their SYSTEM handles these 3 “must have” components:

- generating traffic
- converting traffic to customers
- creating nurturing conversations with potential customers looking for decision supporting information.

Do not settle for anything less than a complete marketing and advertising system or you will likely be wasting your online advertising investment and maybe risking the future growth of your business as well with an online advertising agency that cannot deliver what you need.

Scott Metcalfe is the Chief Strategist for an Online Agency and SEO firm that does what their name says! Combining direct marketing expertise with the power of the wired & mobile web FetchLocalCustomers brings customers to local businesses like yours around the country. Call them at 888-505-6162 to see how they can help you achieve your revenue goals.

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