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Are You Maximizing Your Staff Efforts At Your Trade Show Exhibits?

When it comes to proactively commanding the attention your business deserves at marketing conventions and events, there are two critical factors to success. First and foremost, your company trade show exhibits. Without eye-grabbing banner stands and a visually compelling trade show booth, your organization can quickly be marginalized and fade into the background of the event. Innovative and strategic business leaders are constantly striving to keep their trade show exhibits fresh, relevant and enticing to ensure they attract the crowds into their displays and away from the competition.

Prepared Staff + Cutting Edge Trade Show Booth = Event Success

Unfortunately, getting visitors to check out your company offerings at these promotional functions is merely the first step. Beyond the booth itself, the staff members manning the trade show exhibits are the second most critical factor that contributes to the overall results yielded at a marketing function. In order to truly secure your place as an industry front-runner poised to steal market share, it’s imperative to always put your best employee foot forward at each event.

Even companies housing the best internal team (like yours surely does!) should still carefully prepare to ensure maximum results. Never take your team’s talent for granted before sending them off to battle in the convention arena. Instead, always take the time to strategically and systematically stack the odds in their favor through a variety of proven methods.

Key Ways To Ensure Your Employees Rock The Function Venue

When striving to help your team make a major impression in the event circuit, it’s imperative to give them all the resources they need to seamlessly engage with the many visitors that will be streaming in and out of the trade show booth. Partnering with a vendor that specializes specifically in convention staff training is an excellent first step. A professional training firm will help prep your team for virtually any situation that may arise. They’ll learn how to quickly identify a warm lead as well as how to best harvest all the necessary details from each conversation to optimize conversion. Seek out a vendor that offers various training model such as in-person, online, etc. to guarantee a perfect fit for your staff.

When the big day arrives, always do your part to make sure that your team remains energetic and enthusiastic throughout the potentially long function days. Always encourage them to wear the most comfortable clothes appropriate. For business casual venues, consider providing the team with collared shirts with your company logo and allow sneakers to be certain that they’ll easily be able to withstand long hours on their feet. Most importantly, always allow the team to consistently hydrate and take breaks as needed to keep them feeling perky and ready to sell, sell, sell throughout the day.

Finally, if you’re looking to give your team a little extra incentive on convention day, create a contest that rewards staff members who generate the most leads. Outline the details of the contest and the resulting prize for the winner well in advance. The compensation doesn’t have to be huge, but the friendly competition will help boost their energy and keep everyone on their toes with a shared focus: successfully pitching your business to everyone that stops into your trade show exhibits to get a closer look at what your organization delivers.

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