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Appealing To The Five Senses With Your Exhibit Design

The best trade show exhibit designs have a variety of features to engage visitors on a number of levels. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, your company can’t afford to have a one-dimensional or predictable booth that will elicit yawns of boredom or send attendees to your competition’s displays. The most effective way to capture and keep their interest is by engaging not just one or two senses, but all five senses.

Visual Appeal

Creating a visually appealing booth is probably the easiest way to engage visitors. There are so many features you can focus on, including the use of bold or evocative colors to create a particular mood. Warm colors such as reds, golds and oranges can give a feeling of heat, warmth or power while cooler colors such as blues and greens can be soothing or reassuring. For a luxurious feeling, consider a rich, deep purple – the color of royalty – or metallic colors such as gold or silver. You can also utilize dramatic lighting to highlight specific features of your exhibit design and draw the eye. Keep sight lines in mind as well as a way to draw people into the heart of your trade show booth, where you can then connect with them verbally.

Audio Cues

The simplest way to appeal to your visitors using sound is to use music. Soft, slow music can be relaxing while peppy, upbeat music can energize people and get them to focus on your products or services with renewed energy. If you’re marketing a product or service that has a distinctive sound that’s appealing or intriguing, go ahead and use it as background sound. And of course, engaging attendees in an interesting conversation about their needs and how you can fill them is the most direct auditory approach.

Let Them Touch Something

The supple feel of leather, the silky softness of chiffon fabrics, and other rich materials can evoke an aura of luxury. Touch is inherently engaging. Any time you want guests to fully experience your product, place it in their hands so that can turn it over, feel the weight of it and experience how it works. They will feel more of a connection and will remember your product much more clearly once they return to their own business.

Scenting Your Exhibit Design Area

Studies have repeatedly proven that scent is the sense most closely tied to memories, so any exhibit design that takes advantage of scent will be a winning one. If you want to create a homey, comforting atmosphere, consider diffuser reeds or potpourri with a vanilla, apple or cookie fragrance. If you’re a travel agency marketing trips to exotic locales, the scent of coconuts, pineapple or a fresh, clean ocean scent will all bring tropical islands to mind. Crisp, clean scents such as lemon or mint are a great way to convey a sensation of freshness and cleanliness.

Taste Triggers Appreciation

Although it would seem like using the sense of taste in your tradeshow exhibit design would be difficult, there are plenty of ways to illicit a response from visitors using taste. Cookies are a popular way to draw visitors into your booth, as is offering complimentary coffee, tea or sodas. Any time visitors are given food or drinks, they will remember you and appreciate the fact that you satisfied a craving or slaked their thirst.

If your exhibit design appeals to all five senses rather than just a few, you’ll be giving potential customers a multi-layered experience that will linger in their minds long after they’ve forgotten your competitors.

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