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Multilevel marketing is a modern day advertising model that has been a viable business model since the early 1980s. MLM gives the average person the chance to own their own business and operate out of their homes. And my own home based business Infinity Downline is believed by many online business owners to be Multilevel marketing but in many respects is dissimilar and unique compared to other mlm ventures out there.

Agencies that have resolved to utilize mlm to make their product assessable to their target consumers have a lot of differences from companies who do not use MLM for distribution. What are those differences you might be thinking? Multilevel marketing predicated programs give up some of their profits generated from the sale of their products to the front line consumers who are the people who actually go with their highly promoted products. Non Multilevel marketing programs don’t.

All MLM ventures have what is acknowledged as a comp plan the specifies exactly how they will compensate the individuals who make use of their merchandise. Built into all pay out plans is a means for representatives to receive compensations for not only what products or services they obtain by purchase, but to also earn an income off the results of sales generated by other distributors as well. Why does this happen?

To explain this in a simple manner, if I purchase the mlm companies product I am paid a commission. Then if I inform you about it and you buy the product we both then get paid. What my commission will be is because of the reasoning that the company would not have had a second sale if I hadn’t referred you to the product in the first place. And it doesn’t even end there.

Then if your friend goes and tells somebody else about what a great deal they purchased, lets name that friend Joe and Joe buys the product too then you earn and your friend each will be paid commission for that sale because you both have a share in the reason Joe decided to buy the product. You see your actions brought in your friend and then your friends actions brought in Joe.

A lot marketers refer to all mlm business programs as pyramid schemes. But actually these days their are firm laws that govern all mlm business practices. That term was actually created due to the unlawful practices of some early MLM companies who were marketing with out actually having a product, legal or otherwise, and only paying out commissions that were only generated from recruitment fees and where no actual product sale had taken place.

The main reason the label Pyramid Scheme came about, is because of the graphical depiction that most MLM comp plans look like. For example, as you start to build an MLM downline, the subsequent layers below you become wider. For example, if you bring in 2 people who bring in 2 people each, the 3rd level would have 4 people on it. . I am sure now you see the correlation between the term Pyramid Scheme and how it got attached to the MLM industry.

When the new members you have sponsored refer new members who follow the path you have laid out and teach their own new members to do that as well. J. Paul Getty a very well known capitalist from many decades ago made the statement that was made famous that said he would rather be paid commission from one percent of one hundred individuals than being paid a hundred percent off of just his own efforts, no matter how significant that 100% was.

To be accurate though Multilevel marketing business opportunities usually do not put a limit on the amount of people that you can bring in by your own sponsorship, however most MLMs limit the levels deep you can build your downline organization. Another thing to know is that in most mlm comp plans each level down will earn you a different percentage of commission. That means that the available commission is limited and can only be disbursed so far before it is gone.

Considering my own company though Infinity Downline as I stated at the begriming here, is that it’s considered Multi-level marketing company by tons of people who really do not know but in reality it has a totally different compensation structure. Some of those differences are as follows:.

1- The creator and owner takes no part of the sale of memberships. ( They make money selling additional services and products )

2- There are no fractions of disbursement of the commissions, no in fact all members receive 100% commission no matter what level it comes from

3- There isn’t a number that the amount of levels you can be paid on where it finally stops. It may be 5 levels that it goes down, but then again, it may be 5000 or even more.

4- This is the reason it is called Infinity Downline.

Yes MLM stomps flat the playing field and with a collaborative fully committed band of members, sizeable downlines for all can be developed and individual members and their entire teams as well can create major pay checks. Many representatives in Network marketing have got paid very significant incomes.

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