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Advantages Of Responsive Website Design

As mobile phones and tablets become more powerful and more widely used for web browsing, there is a need for businesses in the Lehigh Valley and elsewhere to ensure their websites will function on these devices. The simplest, most popular way to ensure a great user experience across devices is with responsive Lehigh Valley web design. A reputable full-service web design agency can build a responsive site for your business that will benefit both you and your customers.

Responsive Lehigh Valley web design allows website content to render differently on different screen sizes so the site can be easily viewed on tablets and smartphones as well as desktop and laptop computers. User friendliness and visual appeal on mobile device screens will score your business points with both your customers and with search engines for your Lehigh Valley SEO.

Mobile usability is so important, it is expected to soon become an official search engine ranking factor. Websites that are not mobile friendly take a hit to their Lehigh Valley SEO even now, because sites that do not work properly on smartphones and tablets end up with a high bounce rate from users trying to access the sites on these devices. Responsive Lehigh Valley web design ensures mobile device users and search engines will not be disappointed.

The biggest advantage attached to responsive Lehigh Valley web design is that it allows your organization to have a single, strong web presence with the same content across devices. The alternative, a separate mobile website, is useful in some situations, but for most businesses, responsive Lehigh Valley web design is the best choice.

Responsive Lehigh Valley web design makes it easier to manage and change content because each different screen view has the same URL. Responsive design is better for Lehigh Valley SEO as well because it preserves the link authority associated with the main website and requires only one optimization campaign to improve rankings.

The most important thing to remember when you work with a web design agency to make your website responsive is to focus on the user. If user experience is good, the strong Lehigh Valley SEO is likely to follow. If your site does not work properly on mobile devices, users will turn to a different website and you will lose business to your mobile-friendly competitors. Contact a Lehigh Valley web design agency today to learn more about the benefits of responsive design.

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