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A Guide to Large Format Printing: Who to Trust with the Job

There are plenty of printing services which are now being offered online. The question now is if they are capable enough to handle large format printing. If you are working on a budget, you might be tempted to try online printing companies because of their friendlier rates. At the same time, though, you would probably have a little apprehension because if they do the job badly, you can lose a lot of money. Large format marketing materials can be quite expensive, especially if they are in full color.

Ask for references

Your best bet would be references from other business owners. These could be personal friends or fellow business owners online who have used remote printing services. To contact business owners whom you do not personally know, all you have to do is look for a thread which talks about printing services. If there are none pertaining to your business area, you may go ahead and start a thread on your own.

A word about trusting forum posts: take everything with a grain of salt. Observe the tone and the way the post/review was written because some of these may not be reviews of actual clients. They could be written by affiliate marketers who are paid to say good things about the company. Try to trust reviews which point out both the positive and negative points of the company.

You will also find reviews on the homepages of these online services. Most of these will be good reviews because no company would publish negative feedback from their company. That would be damaging to their name. Once you have made your choice, cross your fingers and hope you did not make a mistake. Better yet, only choose companies who give money-back guarantees if you are not happy with the output.

Follow protocol

When it comes to large format printing jobs, the quality of the images is vital. This is especially true for billboard orders, so if the company insists that you send them a professionally photographed image, do so. This does not translate to an image which was taken with a professional or high resolution camera. Focus is also important, and even if you place the camera on a tripod, the photo can still be too blurry for a billboard if taken by an amateur. Know where to invest your money.

Unlike documents, booklets and business cards, the softcopy of large format materials might not be small enough to be sent through email. Consider the cost of having the data disk sent to the company as well. You should probably look for the best printer nearest your own home of office.

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