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6 Unique Article Marketing Tips For Beginners – Tips Every Beginner Needs To Have

If you are just starting out in article marketing, there are some things you need to know or the “big boys” will stop all over you. We have decided to lend you a helping hand by giving you some unique article marketing tips for beginners.

Tip Number One: Do Something Before You Write

This is a trick that many of us writers are currently doing. Before you sit down to write, do some simple activities. These activities could include watching the morning news, taking the dogs for a walk, running on the treadmill, reading the newspaper, etc. Doing these small things before you write will open up your mind so that you can focus on writing.

Tip Number Two: Mess Free Area

Is the area you write in messy? If so, it is time to clean it up and get organized. Individuals who write in a messy area tend to have a cluttered mind. Apart from having a mess free area, your writing area should also be free from distractions.

Tip Number Three: Keywords

Before you start writing your article, it is important that you pick out some keywords. The keywords should, of course, revolve around your site. For example, if you have a site about video games, then your articles should focus on video games, whether it is information on the latest video games or a simple article on why you like Halo so much. Whatever you do, stay within your niche.

Tip Number Four: Keyword Usage

This is where many writers make mistakes. Many writers are under the impression that higher keyword density is the best, so they stuff it in there over 15 times. This is what we call “teddy bear stuffing.” We do not like having any teddy bear stuffing in our articles (we like leaving that in the teddy bears). On a general note, you can use the keywords anywhere from 1 to 3%, but never below 1% and never above 3%. If the keyword usage is under 1%, then search engines are not going to catch those results.

Tip Number Five: Good Grammar

There are many article marketing tips for beginners and you may neglect some of those tips. However, you should not neglect this one. You MUST have good grammar when you are writing those articles. If you do not have good grammar, then you may want to consider hiring an individual or company to write the articles for you.

Tip Number Six: Only Submit Unique Content

If you copy someone’s article, then you should be ashamed of yourself. Even if you are a beginner, you should know better. We will tell you right now, NEVER copy content. The content you write should be your content – it should be unique.

We hope you enjoyed our article titled “unique article tips for beginners.” We encourage you to open that blank document and use our tips to write your articles.

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