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5 Website Design Tips

If you recall visiting websites hosted in GeoCities and Angelfire, you will notice how terrible those sites looked back then but this was acceptable because web browsers and web standards were pretty basic. Nowadays, there are more ways to create dynamic and eye-catching websites. Nobody will tell you how good your design should be but if you look at the habits of most online users, these people will only get attracted to the sites that look aesthetically pleasing so you better come up with something good as well. Here are a few website design tips that you should follow.

Finalize a Color Scheme

Flashy websites can be a real treat to see if they are executed properly. But poorly executed sites with lots of colors can end up being an eyesore which can be bad if you want people to check out your site’s content. A nice technique to making a site that is comfortable to read is to limit the amount of colors to use across your site. There are several free color scheme generators that work on your web browser so you can figure out what primary color you wish to use. Then you can let the generator complement that color with other colors that can be used for the site.

Create a Clean Layout

Since the content will always remain as the important part of a website, you should make sure that the content stands out the most while keeping the distractions to a minimum. You can do this by thinking of a good website layout to use. You can research online for the most common website layouts and figure out which content goes where. Don’t worry about the simple website design because you can build on the design from there knowing that your content is in an ideal place for reading. For instance, you can add videos and widgets to your layout afterwards so your site looks more interactive.

Make the Site Easy to Edit

If you are serious about marketing the website, you need to make sure the site stays up-to-date so people have a reason to check out your site again or possibly subscribe. Updating your site can be a real tedious task unless the layout is organized and the code structure is organized. But if you want website updating to be a hassle-free experience, simply consider making a blog and apply your website design tips there.

Get into Advanced Web Development

HTML and CSS are pretty much the topics you will be tackling just so you can create complete websites. But once you come up with innovative designs, you might be held back by the limitations of CSS and HTML. Lift those limitations by getting more involved with other platforms like Adobe Flash, HTML5, JavaScript, PHP and other languages. You will be surprised how flexible these platforms are.

Make it Mobile-Friendly

People are not just browsing the web with their desktop and laptop computers. A good and growing number only rely on smartphones and/or tablets. Therefore, you should at least come up with a separate design that looks good on these devices so there is not a need to zoom in just to read content.

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