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5 Ways Trade Show Booths Boost Small Business

Big businesses have been profiting from the exposure provided by industry events for a long time. Brand recognition, new clients and stronger relationships with suppliers are just a few of the benefits that work together to streamline and expand existing businesses to make them more profitable. Until recently, most small business owners felt that the investment of time and money needed to attend industry events wasn’t worth the potential benefits. Those days are over. The advantages of attending these events are simply too numerous and valuable to miss out on and affordable equipment rentals make them affordable.

1. Rental Trade Show Booths Are More Affordable Than Ever

Trade show booths are designed for impact. They make a company’s name “pop.” Small businesses can now work with exhibit designers to create an affordable rental unit that will draw people in, convey a powerful message and keep your name on everyone’s mind. Professionally designed exhibits showcase a company’s message, adding credibility and polish to your business reputation. This impact has a ripple effect that lasts long after trade show booths are returned and suitcases are unpacked.

2. Local Attendees

Industry events frequently attract local businesses, suppliers, private contractors and other potential business resources, along with nationally known brands. This is especially valuable to small, local companies who may not be able to afford working with long-distance suppliers. Promoting your small company in this way can often result in new clients and other valuable contacts that live locally, reducing shipping and travel expenses and improving overall profitability.

3. Media Exposure

Industry events often receive exposure from local, regional and national newspapers and television, as well as professional journals. A well thought out design and a solid pitch can turn into free advertising for small businesses. Also, trade show booths that offer something unique and memorable may inspire attendees to provide even more exposure by using their smart phones and promoting your company through social media. This can be a goldmine of opportunities for any firm.

4. Improved Industry Reputation

Attending industry events with professionally designed trade show booths can often boost your reputation within your industry. Even the smallest businesses can benefit from using this heightened awareness and respect to develop profitable relationships with suppliers, distributors and other resources. A solid reputation as a successful business also adds clout to your negotiating position, creating even more opportunities.

5. Onsite Sales

Drawing people in to your exhibit can also mean increased onsite sales. Attendees may have never heard of you before, but after seeing your polished and impactful trade show booths standing side-by-side with nationally known brands, their curiosity will kick in and you will then have the opportunity to create a long-term relationship that is profitable for both of you.

These are just a few of the ways that industry events can boost small businesses. Now, more than ever before, small businesses can use high-quality trade show booths to take a powerful stand among their competitors, regardless of size.

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