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5 Tips For Creating A Successful Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy

With the fast-paced, ever-changing climate of today’s economy, business owners understand that ultimate success relies on far more than a single promotional premise. Singular advertising tactics and one-time techniques may initially reach a targeted demographic; however, for long-lasting and all-encompassing results, today’s entrepreneurs must rely on comprehensive advertising solutions. No longer can executive leaders have various promotional methods working on independent platforms; instead, more and more C-level entrepreneurs are including an integrated marketing communication strategy within their organization for optimal return on investment.

What Is An Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy — And Why Do You Need One?

By definition, an integrated marketing communication strategy effectively incorporates all of a business’ promotional approaches together for a seamless, cohesive final promotional solution. Previous generations of executives would often manage their traditional and online promotional tactics as two distinct entities. However, embracing the premise of an integrated marketing communication strategy means that all advertising resources need to demonstrate a unified promotional message to the masses.

The benefits of an effective integrated marketing communication strategy are extensive. By making all promotional materials uniform and consistent throughout the organization, users of an integrated marketing communication strategy can strengthen brand identity no matter how their consumers find them. Additionally, these comprehensive advertising solutions help reinforce a company’s legitimacy. The more consumers see a brand, the better they will feel that they know your organization. Ultimately, creating a unified advertising message can play a critical role in strengthening relationships with prospective clients as well as enhancing loyalty within your pool of existing customers.

A Step-By-Step Plan For Designing Your Unified Promotional Approach

When creating an effective integrated marketing communication strategy for your organization, follow these five simple steps for optimal results:

Step 1 – Create a budget: As with any advertising endeavor, budgeting appropriately plays a critical role in overall success. Identify the funds you have available first to ensure that you create a plan that keeps your organization in the black.

Step 2 – Discuss your targeted demographic: It’s impossible to successfully market to your consumer niche if you don’t know everything about it; gather up your employees to compile a list of all the important characteristics of the consumer pool that you’re trying to sell to.

Step 3 – Compile your brand data: Think you and your team have a firm grasp on your company’s specific brand identity? You just may be surprised once you start compiling all of your brand data. In this critical step, it’s important to brainstorm with your team to create a final message about the key components of your organization’s brand. Graphics, slogans, color schemes and any other critical details should all be discussed to determine exactly what your business brand is about.

Step 4 – Outline your tactics: An effective integrated marketing communication strategy includes a wide range of tools and resources. Outline the tactics that best resonate with your company’s goals and objectives. Websites, print ads, trade shows and online advertising solutions are just some of the many ways that you can deliver a cohesive brand image to the masses.

Step 5 – Analyze results: Periodically conduct “pulse-checks” on how your plan is working. If you’re not achieving the results you were hoping for, it may be time to revamp the strategy. Modifying some of the many variables in your plan can help you get back on track to reaching your business goals.

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