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5 Reasons Why All Businesses Need Social Media

Email is out and social media is in. As the Wall Street Journal recently noted, the reign of email is over, while Twitter and Facebook are fast becoming THE platforms for web-based communication. Even Google is trading in email for instant social interactivity.

Social media is the future. And it’s indispensable to businesses, helping them where it counts — the customers — by generating new leads, driving sales, and bringing company and customer closer.
Five simple reasons why EVERY business needs social media:

1. Social Media serves as powerful driver for Web site traffic, e-newsletters, blogs, articles, trade shows and events

Social media status updates are instant, keeping your customers and prospects in the know of everything your business has to offer, whether it’s event updates, or the announcement of a new product or service. Social media is your business’s instant messaging service.

2. It builds organic search engine traffic for your business

The more you promote your business ventures via social media, the more touch-points you have for search engines to pick up. And the more search-able your business, the more traffic you’ll receive.

3. It offers cross-channels for marketing your products & services

By marketing your business for different platforms you’ll unlock a whole new audience base, reaching people where they engage in social media, rather than only on your doorstep.

4. It enables your business to instantly engage with customers & prospects, and gives your customers a way to directly interact with you

Businesses are constantly looking for new ways to know their customers and push out products and services that meet their needs. With social media, you have endless knowledge about your client base at your fingertips, as well as a face for your customers to engage with, opening up a two-way road between business and customer.

5. The viral nature of social media enables you to quickly expand your business reach and grow a customer base faster than ever before

When you give your business a face in social media you gain access to all of your customers and all of their friends. Suddenly you’ll be within reach of an exponentially greater audience, and with refer-a-friend promotions, you’ll build out your customer base while rewarding longtime clients, creating a strong and tightly knit customer network.

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Thea Chard is Director, Social Media for RC Strategies Group. RC Strategies Group provide businesses with 21st century marketing strategies that harness the power of the Internet and the popularity of digital entertainment to connect with customers and drive results.

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