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5 Perfect Uses For Tabletop Displays

A staple of marketing events for decades, tabletop displays have become one of the most convenient, cost effective and widely used visual tools for marketing professionals in every imaginable industry. The reason for their popularity lies in the combination of their relative value and proven effectiveness at presenting information and drawing attention. However, even with their widespread use, some businesses may not be taking advantage of all the opportunities to utilize these simple but powerful mini marketing wonders. Below are five situations for which tabletop displays are the perfect solution.

Meeting Visuals

Because of their portability, tabletop displays can go wherever you need them — from the conference room around the corner, to office buildings around the world. These small visual aids can make a huge impact at meetings or presentations by providing a visual representation of your message. In many cases, an audience is much more likely to recall information they’ve seen rather than simply heard and even a small exhibit can have a powerful effect.

Recruiting Using Tabletop Displays

Recruiting events, like tradeshows and other marketing opportunities, reward businesses that are able to draw in attention and present information quickly and memorably. Tabletop displays make the perfect recruiting backdrops because they can give potential applicants a broad overview of the company’s attributes and values while freeing up staff members to make essential person-to-person connections. These small exhibits are also easily customizable, making them easy to utilize at events of all types.

Merchandising Space

One underutilized attribute of some modern marketing exhibits is as a merchandising fixture. Exhibits can be designed with shelving and hooks that can be used to highlight products or offer samples. Because horizontal space is often at a premium at many events, the vertical space provided by even small stands or exhibits can be very useful. In addition, displaying merchandise vertically allows passing attendees a clearer view of your products than if they were placed on a table where they would quickly be obstructed by the crowd.


Obviously, tradeshows still make the cut as one of the best places to implement tabletop displays. Whether the primary focus of a small booth, or as a complementary component of a larger modular exhibit, an easy to set up, simple to customize fixture remains one of the best tools in a marketer’s arsenal. New designs and innovations in technology like inflatable fixtures have only added to their versatility, and their popularity shows no signs of waning.

On-Site Exhibits

But what if you’re not currently exhibiting at a show? You don’t have to keep your exhibit packed away, it can easily be used to reinforce your message and educate you employees by having a home at your facility. Set it up in a break room, or give it a dedicated spot in a display cabinet. You may not be selling to your employees, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be exposed to the information you’re using to sell the products they help produce.

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