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5 Marketing Mistakes That Every Indian Business Is Making

There are many mistakes that a marketing expert can observe when he analyzes their businesses . So we decided why not share these common mistakes with others and allow Indian entrepreneurs and businessmen to detect and correct them. So these are the mistakes that we regularly found in businesses we work with.

Not selling to their existing customers

Yes, it seems pretty obvious to sell a product or service to your existing customer when you have already built credibility with them. As common sense is less common than we expect, this is one of those mistakes that even huge companies have been making on a regularly basis. You need to have a system for selling to your existing customers. It is very easy to sell to them. They are willing to spend more money on your solution as it has benefited them in the past

Just make sure that you have good follow up system to sell them again. You can at least increase your bottom line by 10 % doing this alone.

Talking too much about your own product.

“Blow your horn” is what we have learnt in childhood but how effective it is to only talk about your product in the market than the solution you provide. When you are selling to anyone, mention the benefits that your products provide.

Customers are selfish and your product is not always going to be on their mind but their problems are. If your product is solving their problem then just tell them. They will be much more willing to try your product and make it their priority and even give you a referral.

Not knowing their best buyers

Everyone with money is not your buyer. So stop selling to everyone. Knowing your customer is very important. Are your buyers educated or not educated? Where do they stay? etc. These are the questions that you need to answer. Some buyers need your product or solution more than others. This should be kept in the mind of every businessman and entrepreneur of India.

To know your best buyers, check out the buyers who have frequently bought from you. This will reduce your marketing efforts substantially.

Ignoring their buyer

“Customer is King”, in real life how many of us follow this rule in our businesses. We, as businessmen have always been guilty of ignoring a customer or prospective customer once or many times in our past. We have ignored customer comments or recommendations. They are great insight for a new product or service. More so they will help you improve your product to a greater level.

Selling based on features

Only few people will buy from you based on features. Although if you are selling something of immense value to the Indian customer then it will get sold. Though in a competitive or sophisticated market, buyers don’t buy just on the basis of features.
They will see whether it fits their needs or not. Does that product solve their need quickly? If you want to compete in the long run then selling to your customer’s emotion will work much better.

These are some of the common mistakes that we see when consulting clients. It will help you detect some common problems and solve them for yourselves.

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