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5 Lightening Fast List Building Strategies For Your Home Business

Starting a home based business online can be a daunting proposition at the best of times. However, if you have an Internet marketing strategy in place that you can follow step-by-step then the process can go much smoother and you’ll have your money making website online before you know it. Your strategy should encompass several smaller plans which comprise your overall approach to making money online.

A major component of your plan of attack should be your list building strategy because as we all know: “The money is in the list.” For the uninitiated the list refers to your email list which you can build in a variety of ways including these 5 very fast and effective techniques for adding targeted subscribers to your email directory:

1. Ad swaps are very popular among Internet marketers and can bring about excellent results. You initiate this tactic by looking for business websites in a similar but non competing market which attract large amounts of traffic and approach the webmasters with the idea of sending their advertisement to your list while they reciprocate by sending your promotion to their email list.

You can begin your research by first signing up to the newsletter of a site you believe would be a good fit for your swap. Then monitor their content before deciding if you should follow through with the idea. When done properly this can be a very profitable technique and a great way to add new members to your list.

2. Placing a squeeze page on your blog is another effective tactic for getting people to leave their name and email address on your website. The best way to entice them to join your list is to offer them a free gift for leaving their contact information. This freebie should be something of value to your visitors to encourage them to subscribe therefore your offer should be tailored toward your niche market.

By adding an autoresponder to your opt-in form you can follow up with your new members on a regular basis to convince them to become paying customers or to forge a relationship with them and build the trust necessary for them to take the final step and become clients.

3. Banner ads have been a mainstay on the Internet marketing scene for quite some time and still remain an efficient means of attracting people to your website. You can place your advertisement on banner exchanges which are affiliated websites that show one another’s banners on their respective sites.

Banner advertising can produce excellent results on these exchanges if you create a good banner which is targeted toward your niche and if you can find the appropriate networks on which to display your promotions.

4. Facebook fan pages are all the rage online these days because of the extraordinary marketing opportunity offered by this social media audience on the web. These pages are very easy to create on Facebook and are a great way to promote your business by adding links to your squeeze page as well as to your product offers and to any freebies or discounts you may be offering.

Make sure you add all the information you need to promote your business effectively through this web page so you can attract the traffic you need to explode the size of your list through this social media juggernaut.

5. Video has taken the Internet by storm as evidenced by the popularity of You Tube on the web. By creating an instructional yet entertaining production which advertises your website you may generate a viral effect whereby your video gets distributed around the Internet via email and video sharing websites because of its popularity.

This viral effect can produce an endless stream of new visitors to your website for a long time to come which can add a torrent of new addresses to your email list. Before uploading your production to video sharing sites such as You Tube make sure you include your website link in your signature file so people can visit your home page.

These 5 list building techniques, when employed correctly, can add a flood of targeted names to your home business email list very quickly and as a result make your Internet enterprise a very profitable endeavor.

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