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5 Creative Themes For Your Trade Show Display

If you visit conferences and conventions year after year and your trade show display just isn’t garnering the attention it once did, it may be because it leaves something to be desired because it seems stale or dated. Perhaps it seems stodgy or boring compared to newer booths that have some flash and daring. If so, it’s time to rethink the theme and design and toss some new trade show ideas around before the next event. Perhaps you need to have a bit more fun with your presentation, or you need to focus more on the location of each event and do a nice regional tie-in. A custom exhibit can let you switch out elements like banner stands to personalize each event to the state of city you’re in. Here are five great themes you can use to get started:

1. Create A Total Environment Dedicated To Your Product

If you’re selling medical equipment to physicians, don’t just put your equipment out there; turn your booth into a hospital bed, complete with a patient propped up on pillows. Have a nurse handing out literature while caring for the patient. Home cleaning solutions can be demonstrated in an actual kitchen with your staff diligently demonstrating just how clean a kitchen counter can be, or you could have a nursery set up if you’re selling children’s products. Have some fun with it and visitors will inevitably stop by to see what’s going on.

2. Take A Cue From Your Locale

With so many wonderful state nicknames to guide you, your trade show display can revolve around the state you’re in or even a city motto. If you’re in Texas, go with a western theme if it’s appropriate, or focus on the state’s ranch and oil heritage. For Colorado, concentrate on the Grand Canyon or the many outdoor adventures that are available. Denver, the Mile High City, offers plenty of theme opportunities for you to let people know your product is “Miles Above The Competition.”

3. Superhero Trade Show Ideas

This can be a fun one, and is probably best suited for conventions or events that take a light-hearted approach. If your staff is willing, you can even have them wear superhero costumes customized with your company logo. Slogans like “Super Solutions For Your Data Disasters” are all appropriate. If you send a few staffers out to wander the event floor, they can hand out passes that can be turned in at your trade show display for your giveaway items, which should also have a superhero tie-in.

4. A Sports Theme

Connect a custom trade show design to a local, much-loved sports team if you want to draw visitors who are loyal to their time. In cities like Pittsburgh or New York, a sports theme will practically sell your product by itself. If you can, have a local athlete signing autographs. If not, give away promotional items that are oriented to both your product and sports. Slogan opportunities are practically endless, including “Winning results every time” and “Hit a home run with.”

5. Popular Television Shows Or Movies

Any classic movie can transform your exhibit if used properly. Imagine selling spices using a custom booth designed around the classic Marilyn Monroe movie, “Some Like It Hot!” Look for ways to tie your trade show booth to popular television series such as “NCIS” or “CSI” by having a scavenger hunt for attendees where they have to look for clues to resolve a dilemma that your product or service addresses.

There are nearly limitless trade show ideas that take advantage of popular culture. If you’re ready to take advantage of the above theme ideas to improve your display, talk to an experienced display company for more ideas and a quote.

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