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5 Advantages Of Having A Niche Video Website Home Business Empire

Video is all the rage these days on the web and if you’re considering starting a home based business online you should consider creating a niche website empire with video as the driving force behind your web pages. Video has taken the Internet by storm as evidenced by the popularity of video sharing websites such as You Tube.

According to the Reel SEO website: “2 billion video views per week are monetized, the total number of advertisers using You Tube has increased 10 fold in the last year, over 2 billion videos are viewed every day and You Tube Mobile gets over 100 million views per day.”

These statistics alone prove how important this medium has become to the casual Internet user in general as well as more specifically to the Internet marketer who depends on the web for their living.

One approach you can take to incorporating video into your Internet marketing strategy is to create a series of niche websites monetized with your Click Bank, Pay pal and Ad sense ID’s and make video the center piece of these home business money makers by making it the highlight of your content.

This technique provides many benefits to you and your Internet enterprise and leading the way are theses 5 advantages:

1. Video can update itself automatically making your job as an Internet marketer much easier. Instead of having to worry about writing original content on a daily basis via new articles to satisfy the search engines thirst for original information your video pages take care of this for you by updating automatically.

2. Video has the potential of taking your website viral which can provide you with new targeted traffic on a daily basis for a very long time. If you add a social bookmark button on the top of each page your visitors can take your web pages to a whole new level in terms of viewer ship.

This will provide an endless stream of new and targeted visitors to your home page every day for many years to come. This is what we mean when we say: “Create a home business that runs on auto-pilot” and this tactic can provide you with a very lucrative income from the web for a long time to come.

3. By adding your Click Bank and Amazon links and Adsense widgets to each page, from top to bottom, you can monetize your website to the maximum. This provides revenue for you when ever someone clicks on one of your advertisements or purchases an affiliate product.

4. Statistics show that video sites have a higher percentage of return visitors which will increase your chances of making money from your return traffic. People also tend to spend more time on video pages when they visit which will also help increase your revenue potential.

5. By adding opt-in boxes and banner ads you can easily link to your blogs and other offers you may be promoting online to help advertise your brand and increase your sales and profits.

When implemented correctly video alone can generate more traffic and income for your online home based business than most other Internet marketing strategies. However, when combined with another technique such as niche advertising you can take your Internet venture to a whole new level and begin to enjoy the success you’ve been looking for on the web.

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