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4 Uses For Banner Stands: How To Use These Versatile Exhibits

Banner stands are some of the most versatile exhibits around. They’re inexpensive, easy to set up, and pack up extremely small, which means that they have uses throughout multiple industries and in a variety of situations. Before you rule out using one of these displays, learn more about all of the different ways you can use these stands.

Use Banner Stands At A Trade Show

A trade show is probably one of the most common places to use these displays. Although many big companies choose to purchase a larger exhibit to fill their booth space, some small companies just simply don’t have the resources to buy a completely custom exhibit. This is where banner stands come in handy. It’s possible to purchase a single stand if you have an extremely small booth space, or you can purchase multiple units and connect them together to create a larger backdrop.

Use These Displays In A Retail Lobby

Retail space is expensive! Whether you have a small 1000 square foot storefront or your store has expanded into a larger spot, it’s important that your products truly shine and get noticed — after all, store owners won’t make money if they don’t move their wares. However, that doesn’t mean that store owners and managers don’t want to use thoughtful displays. This is where banner stands truly shine. Because they have a small footprint and expand vertically, these types of displays don’t use up a lot of valuable floor space, leaving store owners with more space to highlight their products.

Use Them To Highlight New Museum Exhibits

Although many museum exhibits are static, it’s not uncommon for museums to have rotating exhibits that change often. If you’re a museum curator, consider purchasing a few banner stands to highlight your dynamic exhibits. In some cases, it’s possible to use the same base and simply purchase new graphics as your exhibits change, which makes these displays ideal for museums looking to save some money. However, not all of these exhibits do have interchangeable graphics so make sure to ask about this if you’re planning on swapping out graphics.

Use Them At A College Or Career Fair

If you work in a college admissions or career development office, banner stands can be quite useful. They’re the ideal display for a lobby, but because they’re so portable, they’re also great to take to a career or admissions fair. With a professional-looking display, you’ll be able to attract the most talented students to your college, university or company, which is something everyone benefits from.

Before you decide what type of exhibit is best for your company, don’t rule out banner stands. Although they’re small, they can pack a big punch when it comes to getting noticed. For the best results with these displays, make sure that you’re working with an exhibit provider that employs professional graphic designers. These designers will be able to create a display that makes a big impact, despite its small size.

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