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4 Tips From A Website Troubleshooter

Think of citation building for your business this way: Getting as many votes of approval as possible from your target market in the highly competitive world of the Internet. The more citations made for your business, the better for your bottom line. It must be emphasized, however, that quality in citations matter just as much as the quantity of citations.

Citations are when your business name, address and contact information specifically its phone number are listed – cited, in other words – on a website and a directory. These listings can be either online (websites like Yelp) or offline (industry directories such as the chamber of commerce in your locality).

In the online world, search engines like Google and Yahoo will count the quantity and quality of your business’ citations. Your website will then be ranked on the pages accordingly, thus, explaining the importance of continuous citation building for your business. There are other factors involved in ranking websites, of course, but continuous citation building is a must.

Why? Each day, hundreds of websites are being launched online with each website having the potential to become a source of citation. Each day, too, changes in the existing websites with citations about your business happen.

You must then keep up with these new developments where your citations are concerned. Otherwise, you can slowly but surely slip down the page rankings or your prospective customers will be unable to find your business website. The bottom line: Your bottom line will be adversely affected.

How then can you accomplish continuous citation for your business? Try these tips:

a. Target your competitors’ citation sources and, in so doing, give them a run for their money. You are basically taking the battle for the bottom line to your competitors’ turf and beating them at their own game.

b. Ask other businesses relevant to your own business to carry a review of your products/services and/or a listing for your products/services. For example, if you have a pet grooming business, you can approach a veterinary website for this purpose.

c. Ask for listings from your suppliers, clients and other business associates. You will find that even a single citation can grow into several listings so take the chance.

d. Be sure to list your correct business information, which is essential in letting your customers find your business quickly.

And of course, you must carefully choose the citations placed about your business. Remember that it is also about quality as much as it is about quantity.

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