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4 Tips For Designing A Traffic-Generating Trade Show Display

Trade show marketing can have a huge impact on your business. One of the keys to success is having an exhibit that attracts attendees’ attention and compels them to visit. Booth design plays a major role in making those things happen.

It’s worth underscoring that exhibiting at a trade show carries a significant cost. In addition to travel expenses, accommodations, and food for the duration of the event, you and your employees will need to spend valuable time away from the office. And of course, you should take into account the money you’ll invest on your trade show display.

Given the expenses, it is important that your time and effort pay off. To that end, we’ll give you 4 tips for creating a trade show display that will capture the attention of attendees. Designing an effective booth starts with knowing who you want to attract.

#1 – Identify Who You Are Trying To Engage

Not every attendee is going to be part of your target audience. Some will run companies that buy products wholesale and sell them to end users at a substantial markup. Others will be the end users themselves. Still other attendees will be buyers for large organizations who might use the products they find in-house. The audience you target will depend on what you’re trying to accomplish at the event.

Your booth should be designed to attract the type of prospects you want to engage. The colors, graphics, and typography you use on your banners must convey a message that speaks directly to their needs. The construction and layout of your exhibit should meet their expectations and encourage them to trust your expertise.

#2 – Determine The Exhibition Hall’s Traffic Flow

Contact the event’s coordinator a few weeks beforehand and ask about the layout of the convention hall. Find out the size of the hall, the location of the entrances, and how attendees are expected to move across the venue’s floor as they visit booths. Once you know how traffic will flow, you can build your exhibit so that it faces — and appeals to — attendees as they approach it.

While speaking with the event coordinator, ask about the lighting, the availability of outlets, and the presence of objects that might obstruct the view of attendees near your booth. Knowing about these things ahead of time will help you to design your exhibit around them.

#3 – Keep Your Trade Show Display As Clutter-Free As Possible

A common mistake made by first-time exhibitors is to pack their booths with every item they might need during the event. For example, they put out every piece of available marketing collateral on the tables so attendees can take them at their leisure. In addition, they litter their booths with products, samples, and giveaways.

The idea behind this approach is to put on display everything an interested prospect might want to see. The problem is, it creates a cluttered appearance that is just as likely to turn off attendees.

Minimize the clutter in your trade show display. Doing so will ensure it appears clean and organized, traits that are much more pleasing to the eye.

#4 – Design Your Booth To Have An Immediate Impact

Put yourself in the shoes of someone who attends a trade show. You arrive at a large convention hall with hundreds of exhibits. You intend to visit those that offer something you need. Although you have the entire day to do so, you only have a limited amount of motivation. Moreover, your motivation is likely to wane as lunch approaches.

Given these circumstances, you’ll probably walk through the convention hall at a fast clip. That’s the only way you’ll be able to see everything that warrants your attention.

As an exhibitor, your biggest challenge in getting people to stop by your booth is to grab their attention. Hundreds of exhibits are competing for it. At the same time, your prospect may be in a hurry to get through the hall. These are the reasons your trade show display must make an immediate impact. As people walk by, you have mere seconds to grab their attention and pull them toward your booth.

This is not the time for clever or ambiguous marketing messages. Your key message must be clear and to the point. Your display’s colors and images must be bold and uncomplicated. Otherwise, the attendee is likely to keep walking.

Designing an effective trade show display is part art and part science. A creative flair matched with a keen understanding of what motivates people to investigate will help you to design an exhibit that attracts traffic. That’s the first step toward achieving your trade show goals.

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