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4 Reasons That Event Is Wrong For Your Banner Stands

Whether you’re brand-new to exhibiting or you’re an experienced marketer, choosing the right event to take your banner stands to is important. The wrong event could be ineffective and expensive, which means you could be wasting valuable dollars in your marketing budget. If you’ve always attended the same event year after year, take a critical look at whether it’s actually working. Answer these questions and you can help ensure that you’re making the right decision for your company’s bottom line.

Are Expenses Rising At An Abnormal Rate?

Costs are going up throughout all industries and marketing events are no exception. However, before you sign up to attend once again, look to see if the expenses are rising at a rate that seems higher than normal. Next, look to see if the organizers are increasing benefits to go along with increased costs. If this is the case — and the benefits are worth it — stick with the event. If not, move on.

Are Organizers Promoting The Show Through Social Media?

Social media has proven to be a great way for marketers to reach their clients and increase their lead base. If you’re doing this for your own clients and prospects, your show’s organizers should be too. This type of advertising should be included in the cost of attending the show, but organizers shouldn’t stop with social media. Advertising should also be present in trade publications and other relevant channels. This type of advertising can help ensure that you have a steady stream of customers at your banner stands.

Are Show Organizers Focused Solely On Attendees?

Next, ask yourself whether exhibitors see any benefits from the show’s organization staff. Many focus entirely on attendees and while they’re important, a good organizer knows that the exhibitors are paying the bills. Look for a show that offers exhibitors a few perks, such as a networking session, a hospitality room or any other benefit that exists for people who are exhibiting with banner stands and other displays.

Calculate The Return On Investment For Attending With Your Banner Stands

Lastly, make sure that you calculate the return on investment when you’re attending with your banner stands. If you’re not sure how to do this, or you’ve never bothered to calculate ROI before, it’s not terribly difficult. Simply determine what costs are related to attending (including banner stands, transportation costs, marketing materials and even training) and then calculate what new income can be attributed to the show. If the ROI is quite low, it might be time to research new shows or ways to spend your marketing budget.

Focusing on whether an event is right for your business is vital. If you’re attending the wrong events, you could be literally throwing your money down the drain. Instead, research show expenses and promotions before asking yourself if the organizational staff is focusing on the exhibitor experience and calculating your ROI. The results might prove that you’re on the right path — or they might just help you realize that you should look for a new show.

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