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4 Elements To Include In Standout Trade Show Booth Designs

Today’s industry conventions are a far cry from the old days. Instead of just a simple stand with a few brochures, companies are turning to trade show booth designs that are more and more elaborate in an effort to stand apart from the competition. Instead of getting discouraged about your chances of making an impression, why not view it as a challenge instead? Check out some of these new, modern design elements and consider incorporating them into your new trade show booth designs.

* Include LED Lighting In Trade Show Booth Designs

Lighting is, of course, a very important part of any display! Consider using LED lights instead of the old incandescent bulbs. LED lights can reduce the energy consumption of your stand by up to 90% compared to fluorescent or incandescent lights! Not only that, but they also don’t heat up the way incandescent lights do, making them much safer around all that fabric and paper. In fact, many convention venues have banned incandescent lights, so LED systems are definitely something to look into.

* Try A Multi-Level Stand

Believe it or not, some modern trade show booth designs are multi-level! It makes sense; after all, if your floor space is limited, just move upwards! This will also ensure that your stand will attract plenty of attention. Often, the second level is used as a quiet space to either relax and have a bit of downtime or as a sort of office space to consult with VIP clients or to close a sale in a spot that’s a little calmer than the convention floor. The upper levels of these stands are often constructed from aluminum, ensuring that they are both lightweight and strong.

* What About Refreshments?

Everybody loves a good cup of coffee, and chances are good that convention attendees could use a pick-me-up! Including a complimentary coffee bar in your trade show booth designs will not only satisfy your customers but will make your stand a destination for everyone at the expo. Once word gets around that the best coffee in the venue is at your stand, your visits (and sales opportunities!) will see a huge increase. Just make sure the coffee really is the best around, or you’ll have a lot of disappointed customers!

* Multiple Spaces For Multiple Products

If your company has more than one product or service that falls within the scope of the convention, try including separate spaces in your trade show booth designs to keep everything organized. A small entryway can work as a sort of preview of everything you’ve included in the display and lead to the other rooms that will each be dedicated to a specific product. This way, your customers will know exactly where to go to find what they’re looking for, and your sales staff can concentrate on their areas of expertise.

If you’ve been hearing about the killer trade show booth designs at other conventions, don’t get discouraged! With a little creativity and some help from a professional design consultant, your stand will become the highlight of the expo.

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