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4 Auto Pilot Traffic And Profit Strategies For Your Online Home Business

Traffic is the life blood of any online home based business and knowing how to drive targeted visitors to a high converting product offer on your website will make you very successful very quickly.

Many of the Internet marketers who make the most money on the web do so by concentrating on and thereby mastering several of the most productive traffic generation techniques they could find instead of trying to incorporate many of the different tactics available all at once.

Using too many strategies will only dilute your results because your time and your effort will be spread too thin. This is a mistake made by many newbie’s who are operating under the mistaken belief that more is better in terms of the number of techniques used while mastering three of four approaches seems to produce better results.

When you’re just starting out on your Internet marketing journey it’s best to experiment with several of your favorite tactics until you find several that work best. With this in mind here are four strategies for driving a steady stream of targeted visitors to your home business website on auto pilot 27 hours a day, 7 days a week.

1. Article marketing is one of my favorite techniques because it’s a tremendous way to get the people you want on your website via organic means. By writing several editorials relevant to your offer with the appropriate key words dispersed through out your writing you will be able to target your niche of hungry buyers.

By distributing your work to several of the high profile article directories online you can create an army of back links which will drive people to your site 365 days a year thereby creating more profit for your Internet enterprise.

2. Writing reports related to your website theme or your product offer and giving them to your prospects free of charge is another very effective way to create back links to your home page.

This strategy also helps raise your profile online because by giving your visitors something of value you help establish a trusting relationship with them and they also begin to see you as an expert in your field. People who feel they know and trust you are more likely to do business with you than a perfect stranger.

3. An often over looked but very efficient strategy for driving targeted guests to your site is issuing press releases online. One common thread which defines magazines, newsletters and radio and television programs is they all need content.

Therefore by issuing a release announcing your new product launch or by agreeing to conduct an interview about it satisfies both your thirst for traffic and their desire for more content.

A great way to initiate this relationship is to send them an article about your new product which they will undoubtedly publish to satisfy their requirement and you will benefit from the resulting publicity which will send people to your website.

4. As Internet marketers we often forget about offline techniques which can also work very well at attracting customers. Networking remains one of the most effective ways of getting your message to the masses.

By offering to speak at business gatherings such as chamber of commerce meetings you’re not only getting your Internet business in front of prospective clients but it also gives you the opportunity to have these business people spread the word about your venture.

While you’re at the function be sure to distribute your business card to anyone who’s interested and invite them to drop by your website for a visit.

Automating your online home business by sending targeted guests to your home page on a daily basis by always using the same tactics helps alleviate the pressure of having to continually introduce new advertising strategies to increase your sales and profits.

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